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3 Must-Win WWE Superstars at Clash of Champions

Clash of Champion is this coming Sunday, and every WWE Championship will be defended. This B-Level PPV event from WWE, but some significant things need to happen. Namely, there are some WWE Superstars that must pick up victories at Clash of Champions, so we list them. Here are three WWE Superstars that must win at Clash of Champions.

Erick Rowan

If WWE wants to establish Erick Rowan as a legitimate threat and “Mastermind Manipulator” they must have Rowan take down the Big Dog Roman Reigns. Reigns is the golden boy of Vince McMahon and the WWE, so a win over Roman is a big deal. Erick Rowan has never been viewed as a serious threat in any form. But placing him in a program with Roman Reigns will elevate Rowan status. Having Erick Rowan pick up the victory over Roman Reigns gives WWE another legitimate contender for a major championship in the future.


We have witnessed the recent heel turn by the huggable one Bayley. The heel turn itself has been met with mixed reviews online, but in my opinion, it was a needed change. Bayley has remained the same character since her NXT days, but the character was not evolving. Thus this turn can be a brand new feeling for the character.

Now as far as Bayley’s match against Charlotte Flair, Bayley needs the win. Over the last couple of weeks, the explanation that we have received from Bayley has been centered around making the Smackdown Women’s Championship as important as the Raw Women’s Championship. Bayley retaining over Charlotte would add even more credibility to her claims. Not to mention the return of Sasha Banks adds intrigue to the retention of Bayley’s Smackdown Women’s Championship.

Sasha Banks

Speaking of Sasha Banks, Sasha’s return comes at a perfect time because of the lull in legitimate contenders for Becky Lynch’s Raw Women’s Championship. With Sasha return, heel turn and best friend Bayley’s heel turn this is an optimal time for Sasha to recapture the Raw Women’s Championship. Having Sasha and Bayley controlling the entire Women’s divisions in WWE would bring about different opportunities because of the variations in character plots with the division. There are no main event level babyfaces besides Becky Lynch in the division. So having the babyface Becky chasing a Women’s Championship follows a logical storytelling progression.

But let us know who do you believe need to win at WWE Clash of Champions? Comment Below.

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