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3 Reasons the 2019 NY Yankees are Better Than the 2018 Boston Red Sox

Ali versus Frasier. Stone Cold versus The Rock. Duke versus the University of North Carolina. Sports are defined by their rivalries, and there is no better rivalry in sports than the New York Yankees versus the Boston Red Sox. And it’s with that in mind that we compare the two teams. We’ll compare the 2018 (WorldSeries-winning) Boston Red Sox to the 2019 New York Yankees and specifically why this year’s Yankees are better.


From the outset of the season, the New York Yankees have dealt with a plethora of injuries. These injuries have ranged from minors to season enders. From the Yankees Ace Luis Severino to third baseman Miguel And├║jar the Yankees have placed one Yankee after another onto the Injured List.

The 2018 Red Sox dealt with injuries as all teams do, however, not to the same degree as the 2019 Bronx Bombers. The 2019 New York Yankees have placed nearly thirty different players on the Injured List this season, and many for multiple stints. And while that has happened the Yankees maintain control of first place in the American League East Division by 8.5 games over the Tampa Bay Rays.

Strong Staff

The Yankees were expected to compete this season, as were the Red Sox last year. But the difference was in the starting rotation. The 2018 Red Sox had a strong rotation anchored by Chris Sale and David Price. The 2019 Yankees, however, their rotation was questioned from the get-go. But as an overall whole the Yankees pitching staff is far superior to that of the defending champion Red Sox.

Career Years

When a team has a season like the 2018 Red Sox or the 2019 Yankees there are going to be relatively unknown quantities that will have career years. And this season for the Bronx Bombers is no different. Guys like Gio Urshela and Michael Tauchman have blossomed from obscurity to everyday players. Not to mention the fact that we have seen mostly healthy year from Gary Sanchez and Gleyber Torres leading to the 34 and 35 home run campaign they currently boast (respectively.)

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