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Yankees: 3 Takeaways from World Series Preview vs LA Dodgers

This past weekend was Player’s Weekend, and the New York Yankees would play a series against the Los Angeles Dodgers. The matchup would pit arguably the two best teams in baseball against one another in a World Series Preview. So we examine three takeaways from the weekend series. And be sure to check our Laracuente Ledger Network on YouTube for more in-depth coverage on the weekend series.

Yankees Pitching Stepped Up

Over the course of the three-game set, the Yankees pitchers would deliver superb quality. The weekend Runs Scored total for the Dodgers would tally up to a lowly five runs. In no fame was more than two runs scored against Yankee pitching. Quality starts from James Paxton, CC Sabathia, and Domingo German would pace the Yanks, allowing the bullpen to be used to their dominant best.

Judge, Jury, and Executioner

Since Aaron Judge’s return from the IL several weeks ago the Yankee Right Fielder has not looked himself. All season Judge seemed just to be caught in between. Aaron would swing late on fastballs and early and over the top on breaking pitches. But over this West Coast trip, Aaron Judge has seemed to find his groove, and his power stroke has returned. During the three-game set, Judge would hit a home run in each game and one to each direction. When Aaron Judge is hitting like he was this weekend the Yankees win.

Umps Out to Get Yankees?

Now before everyone gets crazy, I’m not claiming that the Umpires are out to get the Yankees. But certain questions must be posed because of some suspicious behavior by the umpires over this weekend series. The closing moments of the second game of the series left a lot of questions in the mind of Yankee fans and not a lot of answers have since been issued. How time can be called during a live ball and a player sent back to a base after having scored is beyond me And something I’ve never seen in baseball before this past weekend. Regardless, of all the controversy during the ninth inning of game two, the Yankees would take the series.

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