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4 Reasons Why NXT on USA Network is Perfect

It was announced at WWE would be moving NXT from the network to the USA Network. I move like this is enormous for both WWE and the superstars of NXT. So for this piece, we will look at four reasons why this is a perfect move for WWE.

Wednesday Night Wars

We’ll start with the biggest in the most obvious, placing NXT live on the USA Network will place it in direct competition with AEW. What made the Attitude Era stand out so much was that there was competition. There was competition for ratings, for talent, for creativity, and supremacy. And with NXT and AEW facing off at the same time we have once again a head-to-head competition. And this battle will have one true winner, us the fans of pro wrestling.

USA Network is Losing SmackDown

The USA Network invest a lot of money into WWE programming and therefore want a return on their investment. So Smackdown moving to Fox this coming October would be a blow to their network. Replacing SmackDown with a two-hour “LIVE” episode of NXT each week would be a huge boost to the WWE product.

Spotlighting the Future

Anyone that watches NXT on a regular basis has grown to love and prefer the NXT product to that of the “Main Roster” WWE. The storylines and angles are better and more coherent and cohesive. When watching talent like NXT Champion, Adam Cole “BAY BAY” or NXT Women’s Champion, Shayna Baszler the quality on begins with them. WWE is embarking on a new era of programming, and the move reflects that change.

It’s Live

NXT will now be streamed live on the USA Network starting Wednesday, September 18th. The two-hour show will be a way to elevate WWE and further extend their reach on the independent wrestling community.

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