MLB NY Yankees

The Cavalry Approaches

The New York Yankees have successfully clinched another winning season this past week. As the standings currently sit the Yankees have control over the best record in Major League Baseball with an 83-43 record. Despite statistically being the best team in baseball the Bronx Bombers have room to improve, and for this piece, we will look at three impactful returns for the Bombers. And be sure to check out our accompanying Pinstripe Plunge Report vlog piece over on YouTube, by the same name, just search for The Laracuente Ledger Network.

Dellin Betances

The 6’8″ right-handed pitcher has been reportedly throwing bullpen sessions building up to his impending return. And although the Yankees have enjoyed much success from their dominant bullpen this year, adding in a healthy Dellin Betances strengthens an already deep and powerful pen. And based on the pattern over the last few postseasons having a strong bullpen can win a team the World Series. For the Yankees that is the only goal, capturing the 2019 World Series.

Giancarlo Stanton

Giancarlo Stanton possesses otherworldly talent. The problem is keeping Big G healthy. If the Yankees are able to keep Stanton healthy, he will be a supremely dominant force, as we’ve seen from his 2017 and 2018 campaigns of 59 home runs and 38 home runs respectively. Giancarlo is more than capable of carrying the Bronx Bombers for a substantial stretch of time when he’s locked in.

Luis Severino

There’s a reason that despite not pitching at all this season Luis Severino is still viewed as the Yankees Ace. The talent speaks for itself, so there is a desire to see Sevvy back in the Bronx. But not just back in the Bronx but pitching at that elite Ace level. The Yankees must decide whether to use Severino as a bullpen piece, or as a starter. This decision will come down to timing. When a healthy Severino is able to return, the Yankees must be cautious in their implementation of the right-hander. If the Yankees are going to have an extended postseason run Severino will be the key.

As we noted in the open, the Yankees currently possess the best record in MLB. But they’re still a long way to go, and these three Superstars will Aid the Yankees in their ultimate goal for the season. Dellin Betances, Giancarlo Stanton, and Luis Severino will be vital to the 2019 World Series Run for the New York Yankees.

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