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3 Reasons The Boys on Amazon is Worth Watching

On July 26th, a new series premiere on Amazon Prime Video, entitled “The Boys.” The video series is a superhero show based on the comic books of the same name. And the series follows the titular group of vigilantes. And the Boys are on the search for revenge, justice, and ultimately truth. For this piece, we will look at three reasons; The Boys is worth watching. (Spoiler Free.) Also, check out previous hero-related works like 5 Multi-Verse Superhero Crossover Movie Ideas.

Interesting Premise

The Boys is in a world where Super Powers don’t just exist; but celebrated. Supers Powered individuals are treated as celebrities and gods by normal and ordinary people. Every time a crime is being committed, and the superhero is seen helping they increase their points and thereby their notoriety. In the series, you learn about the top superheroes in the world, and they are known as “The Seven.” These top “heroes” work for a corporation called Vought International. The Boys is what the world would be like if ordinary people were “blessed” with superpowers. And it would not be what we’ve come to know from previous entries in the superheroes genre.

Also a side note, The Seven is a parody of the Justice League which makes the series hilarious to watch. Characters like Homelander (Superman), Queen Maeve (Wonder Woman), A-Train (The Flash), The Deep (Aquaman), and Black Noir (Batman) all have the characteristics of their Justice League counterparts. But at the same time vastly different than the Justice League heroes.

Visually Stunning

The quality of a film or television show can make or break the product, and this series produces a high-quality program. When dealing with superpowers, it can be challenging to make them visually look good but also realistic. The Boys makes superpowers believable. From flying to super speed to super strength, each power has a distinct look and feel. Each power is geared to suit such powers.


The story behind The Boys is a story of love, pain, revenge, and Justice. The Boys travels through this superpower packed world searching for answers to questions that seem unanswerable. And your basic storytelling of who, what, why, when, how is covered despite being only in 8 episode season. Without spoilers, the boys leaves you feeling a wide range of emotions as well as ending up where you never thought you’d end up.

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