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3 Unanswered Questions from WWE Raw

Last night the WWE aired it’s “Go-Home” episode of Monday Night Raw ahead of SummerSlam. And with that we will look at 3 questions left unanswered by Monday Night Raw.

What is the Point of the WWE 24/7 Championship?

Since its Inception the WWE 24/7 Championship has just left for questions and answers. The biggest question being what is the point of the championship? The speculated rumor was that USA Network wanted a championship on television more often, because Brock Lesnar as the universal Champion was nowhere to be found. (More on Lesnar in a moment.) What we’ve seen from the 24/7 Championship is a bunch of superstars running through the backstage, and a lot of weird vignettes. However none weirder than the last two weeks involving Maria Kanellis. Whatever the WWE decides to do with this 24/7 championship there needs to be a more define purpose.

Will Championships Ever Mean Anything Again?

One question that has then asked and never really answered over the last several years has been about championships. With each passing week Championship to become less and less important in WWE. Many times championships switch hands with no real storyline purposeful clock. We see championships used more as accessories then the driving force behind the match up. For example the WWE women’s Tag Team Championships defended last night in a fatal 4-way elimination match. The reigning champions the IIconic’s would lose their championships and eliminated first. I mentioned Brock Lesnar earlier, and when it comes to Brock Lesnar and The Universal championship it is never around. At Wrestlemania Seth Rollins what defeat Brock Lesnar. WWE what do an incredible job building Rollins up to Dethrone the Beast. And then the beast would reclaim the Universal Championship and it disappeared again. Leaving us all wondering, if championships will ever have an significance again.

Who is Trying to “End” Roman Reigns?

Over the last two weeks, we have seen attempts to “take out” Roman Reigns. From falling equipment to a failed hit and run, someone is attempting to put down the Big Dog. What makes this course of programming interesting is that it could be anyone. And that’s the good part of the Attitude Era; it was unpredictable but compelling. So where WWE decides to go from here will be intriguing.

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