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Yankees Lose in Winning Sweep

The New York Yankees have faced quite a lot of adversary this season. Injury after injury, the Bronx Bandage Brigade has been unable to have their full squad on the field all at the same time this season. And even though the Yankees would sweep the Boston Red Sox in the Bronx this past weekend. The Yanks would lose two more players (and possibly more) in the process.

Parrot Paralysis

Edwin Encarnacion was brought in to help this lineup with the absence of some of the big sluggers due to injury. And although since Eddie’s acquisition the numbers may not reflect his true talent level, there is always the threat of a long ball and the promise of working a good at-bat. During the day cap of the Day-Night Doubleheader, Encarnacion would be Hit By Pitch on his right wrist. And in a side-by-side comparison, nearly identical to the spot that Aaron Judge was hit in 2018 by the Kansas City Royals. For the Yankees to maintain this level of offensive dominance come October, plate grinders like Edwin Encarnacion are going to be needed.

Hicks Hurt

The Yankees would also lose Centerfielder, Aaron Hicks. Hicks would make a throw to third base that would strain the right flexor in his elbow. According to Yankee manager, Aaron Boone, the ligament is intact, and therefore, Tommy John Surgery will not be required. Hicks will be shut down for seven to ten days and will be re-evaluated at that point.

Laracuente Ledger Network on Youtube

Over on the Laracuente Ledger Network YouTube channel, we have a video corresponding to this piece. The Yankees have dealt with a ton of injuries this year but have still been able to control the AL East. If the Yankees are able to maintain this level of play when the injured players return they will be even more dangerous.

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