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3 Takeaways From the MLB Trade Deadline

The MLB trading deadline has come and gone. So we examine three takeaways from the MLB trade deadline.

Zack Greinke to the Houston Astros

And what was the deal that mirrored the 2017 August waiver trade deadline, the Houston Astros acquired a top-flight starting pitcher. In 2017 it was Justin Verlander, in 2019 it was Zack Greinke. The Astros were already going to be a tough Club to match up with having Verlander and Gerrit Cole. Adding now Zack Greinke with already having Wade Miley plus a throw-in of Aaron Sanchez and the Astros rotation is phenomenal. Houston should be able to run away with the AL West. And now they have to be viewed as a favorite to win the World Series. We may even see a 2017 rematch have the Dodgers versus the Astros.

Shane Greene to the Atlanta Braves

Another division winner bolstered their team today as the Atlanta Braves would acquire Shane Greene from the Detroit Tigers. The Braves have been relying on Lou Jackson to close out games, but that’s an unproven commodity. Shane Greene has been a dominant force for the Tigers this season and should serve the Braves extremely well heading towards October. This move makes a ton of sense for the Braves because it shores their bullpen. As well as keeping a top-flight reliever away from the Dodgers.

New York Yankees do Nothing

In an unbelievable turn of events, the team that most needed starting pitching walk away with nothing. The New York Yankees we’re searching for pitching to improve the club, for a postseason run. But the 4 p.m. deadline would come and go what do Yankees accomplishing no trades. GM Brian Cashman what said that he believes in the club, but they have as well as the players potentially returning from the IL. But the Yankees fell short When comparing to what the Houston Astros did and getting Greinke.

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