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Are the Yankees Done with Clint Frazier?

With the trading deadline this coming Wednesday, the New York Yankees need to make a move. Yankee GM, Brian Cashman is turning over every rock and checking under every leaf to make the Bombers better. Pitching is the necessity, and everyone knows it, and thus, the prices are high. But the burning question amongst “experts” is will the Yankees move on from Clint Frazier? We explore that question now.

The Player

When the New York Yankees acquire Clint Frazier several years ago, he was believed to be the Cornerstone piece of the deal. But as time progressed, Clint Frazier did not. Other outfielders on the depth chart moved up and made their way to the Bronx. When Clint would receive opportunities, he will be unable to capitalize for the majority of those chances. And when Frazier would play well in those opportunities injuries would find him. Thus the majority of Frazier sign with the Yankees has been spent in the minors.

The other aspects of the player is the attitude that comes along with Clint Frazier. With a nickname like Red Thunder, you expect a fire your personality. But the sometimes childlike responses and reactions leave Clint Frazier at opposition to the Yankees and their fans. And while many believe in the talent, the Brazen personality can set people the wrong way.

The Need For Starting Pitching

The Yankees need starting pitching there’s no doubt about that. As we covered on today’s installment of the Pinstripe plunge report over on YouTube, the Yankees need pitching. If the Yankees are going to acquire the necessary pictures Major League ready Talent like Clint Frazier are going to be needed. Trading away a young player with the controllability as well as the skills and talents of Clint Frazier is a difficult decision to make. However, in order to win a championship, difficult decisions must be made. The Yankees have already seen me we missed out on Marcus Stroman they cannot afford to miss out on the next big starting pitcher. Whether that’s Noah Syndergaard or Madison Bumgarner or another name that is not yet spoken about the Yankees, need to be in on everyone.

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