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Yankees: Targets Acquired

On the 14th episode of the Pinstripe Plunge Report on the Laracuente Ledger Network on YouTube, we discussed some potential trade acquisition targets for the Yankees. So for this piece, we will discuss three names, in particular, the Yankees can look acquire.

Marcus Stroman

The in division rival Toronto, Blue Jays are 27.5 games behind the Yankees in the AL East. And for that reason, the Jays are likely to move their ace, Marcus Stroman. When you look at Stroman’s win-loss record, it is deceiving compared to his other numbers. Stroman is a divisive picture because of his antics on the mound. When looking at Marcus Stroman and what he’s capable of you see a pitcher that can dominate at the top of his game. But when going poorly, Stroman is a pitcher that can get hit around. The most significant factor in why the Yankee should acquire Marcus Stroman is the fact that he gets ground balls. Keeping the ball on the ground at Yankee Stadium is extremely important, and Marcus Stroman does that.

Trevor Bauer

Much like Marcus Stroman, Trevor Bauer is a divisive pitcher as well. When you think about his pregame routine and the exaggerated nature of that routine, can rub people the wrong way. But the results that Bauer has achieved over the last couple of seasons has been unmistakable. If the Yankees were the acquire Trevor Bauer, they would have someone that can slot in towards the top half of the rotation. Bauer will not come cheap, but if effective Trevor will be worth the price paid.

Madison Bumgarner

Many reports written recently report that Bumgarner is going nowhere. However, San Francisco would be smart to move on from there Ace. Madison Bumgarner isn’t the pitcher he wants was, but he still holds value because of his postseason pedigree. The other aspect of acquiring Bumgarner is the fact that he is only a rental. So the package for Bumgarner cannot be something more than that value. If San Francisco were to ask for top prospects like Deivi Garcia or even someone like Clint Frazier the Yankees must say no. But if a trade was able to be made excluding those top entities, the Yankees should look to acquire Madison. The postseason performances alone are worth a significant wage; however, it must be a fair value given the fact that he’s only a rental.

They’re many more starters and even more relievers the Yankees could look to acquire. So next week by the July 31st deadline expect Brian Cashman and his team of lieutenants to have made improvements to the Yankee Roster. Whether cash acquires two starters or a couple of relievers or some combination therein, by 4 p.m. July 31st the Yankees will have targets acquired.

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