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MLB: 3 Up & 3 Down Buyers & Sellers Edition

As the single Trading Deadline is one week away, we turn our attention to the buyers and sellers. This prompting 3 Up and 3 Down MLB Buyers and Sellers.

1 Up (Buyer): New York Yankees

The Yankees find themselves at the top of the AL East by a solid bargain. And because of that, they will look to supplement any weakness as they head towards the playoffs. The Yankees find themselves like most club in need of pitching. And many names could be potential targets for the Yankees. Over on YouTube on the Laracuente Ledger Network’s latest installment of the Pinstripe Plunge Report, we have chronicled several pitchers the Yankees could look to acquire.

1 Down (Seller): New York Mets

The Mets, unlike their cross-town rival Yankees, do not find themselves in the positive aspect of the win column. And if you have watched anything about the Mets this season, then you know the disfunction that resides in Flushing. The Mets have several players that would be impactful for a team in the hunt. And with some plus talent leaving as free agents at years end, now is the time to move them.

2 Up (Buyer): Atlanta Braves

As we stated earlier, many clubs need pitching and namely starting pitching. And the Atlanta Braves are looking to acquire another starter. Atlanta has already been connected to such names as Mike Minor, Lance Lynn, and Marcus Stroman, just to name a few. The Braves are currently leading the NL East and show no signs of stopping. Adding in some depth to the starting rotation will make the Braves even more difficult in the playoffs.

2 Down (Seller): San Francisco Giants

While some may disagree because of a 9-1 record over their last ten tens, the San Francisco Giants should sell. The Giants got off to a rocky start this season coming off of a very poor 2018. And even though the Giants are only two games out of the NL Wildcard race (at the time of writing), there isn’t a genuinely believable path to another World Series crown in Bochy’s final season. The Giants should look to the future and cash in on Madison Bumgarner and Will Smith before they leave for Free Agency.

3 Up (Buyers): Chicago Cubs & St. Louis Cardinals

So the NL Central rivals are just a half a game apart from each other in the Division standings. These two clubs are arguably the second greatest rivalry in baseball. And given how close the race is, both teams will be looking to get better and stronger as the playoffs approach. So expect both clubs to be active by July 31st.

3 Down (Seller): Colorado Rockies

Despite giving a well-deserved extension to Nolan Arenado this past off-season, the Rockies have struggled to maintain last season’s high level of play. It has already been reported that the Rockies are listening to offers on Charlie Blackmon. So expect more Rox to be on the block.

B.O.L.O (Buyer): Philadelphia Phillies

Watching the Fightin’ Phils this season has been a tough thing for their fans. The team had high expectations with the money that was spent in the off-season. The Phils offense has been above average so far this season. But the pitching has been their detriment this far. So expect the Phillies to be aggressive this trading deadline.

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