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3 Takeaways from Raw Reunion

Last night we would see the return of many yesteryear legends to Monday Night Raw for a special one-night reunion. So we will go over three takeaways from the event.

Focus was on Full-Time Talent

While we would see many legends make appearances, much of the focus would be on the full-time talent. What we have usually seen on the nostalgia-driven episodes is an over-focus on the legends. This time was different the main involvement was involving the talent that will be on Raw next week. In focusing on the full-time talent, we would see awesome matchups like Seth Rollins versus AJ Styles, and Roman Reigns versus Samoa Joe. As well as Sami Zayn versus Rey Mysterio.

Nostalgia Done Well (For the Most Part)

As we just mentioned, the focus was on full-time talent. But the involvement of the legends, for the most part, was skillfully done. The DX/Clique segment was done very well. As well as the legends coming out to force Sami back into the ring. And nearly all of the bits with the (absolutely garbage) 24/7 championship could have been left out. But given what we have seen from previous versions of these types of shows this was a refreshing take on Raw Reunion.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

The biggest star of yesteryear was Stone Cold Steve Austin. And that was supremely evident during the final moments of the Raw Reunion episode. From the fans in attendance to the WWE Legends that were standing on the staging area, everyone was excited for Stone Cold. The Attitude Era was introduced (in my opinion) and honestly anchored by the Texas Rattlesnake. Stone Cold Steve Austin is an icon in the pro wrestling business. And the love and passion is still there given the heart filling words Austin spoke. Not to mention that Austin looked to be in great shape like one more match could be had.

In the end, it was a fun show and a worthwhile watch. Something that hasn’t been the case over the course of the last few “nostalgia” shows that the WWE has put on in recent memory.

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