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Lookout for These 3 Yankees in 2nd Half

The second half of the New York Yankees 2019 season begins on Friday against the Blue Jays. The Yankees will look to continue the success from the first half. And it’s with that in mind that we will look at three Yankees that we should “Lookout” for in the second half.

Aaron Judge

Much of the first half for Aaron Judge was lost due to injury. However, the second half should provide Judge with the opportunity to start fresh. A clean bill of health for a hopeful long extended postseason run would give Aaron Judge plenty of time to swing the gavel. Aaron Judge is seen as the unofficial captain of the Bronx Bombers. And having Judge in the lineup extends the lineup and makes opposing pitchers fearful and more likely to leave something easy for other hitters. Thus providing the Yankee lineup with more just by standing in the box.

Gary Sanchez

It is not yet August and Gary Sanchez already has 24 Home Runs and 57 RBIs. Across 68 games played, the Kraken is slashing .245/.315/.556. Sanchez is someone that has come on strong in the final dog days of Summer and into the playoff push time. Being selected as the starting catcher in the All-Star Game is an acknowledgment that Gary is having a great season. And if Sanchez’s second half is anything close to the first half a 40/110 kind of season is within reach.

Brian Cashman

Now this entry may seem a little odd. However, the Yankee General Manager is likely going to have as busy a second half as the players on the field. Cashman’s second half will for the majority completed over the next two-plus weeks. Brian Cashman has been able to make some very good moves over the past few seasons. And this trading season should be no different. But it will be as the format has changed to a single trade deadline of July 31st. Cashman is going to have his hands full assessing the probability¬†of his injured players, not just returning but also being effective before the 31st clock expires.

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