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3 Takeaways from MLB All-Star Week

Last night concluded the MLB All-star Week festivities. And there were some awesome moments. So for this piece, we look at three takeaways from MLB All-Star Week.

All-Star Celebrity Softball Best Part of ASG Week.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again the best part of the entire MLB All-Star Week is the Legends and Celebrity Softball Game. The hilarity of poor performance that ensues as well as the surprisingly positive gameplay, are worth running into the game. Seeing movie stars, musicians, and athletes out of their realm makes them seem all the more human and relatable. And when you see good gameplay, you are reinvigorated in the love and passion of the game.

Vladdy Guerrero Jr is a Beast

The Home Run Derby was an absolute shock spectacle. Vladimir Guerrero Jr would put on a home run display like never before seen. Vladdy would crush ball after ball on his way to shattering two Home Run Derby records. The first was single round home runs. The previous mark was 25 by Giancarlo Stanton. And if you count the old formula 28 by Josh Hamilton. Vladdy Jr would launch 29 homers in Round One. In Round, two Guerrero Jr would launch another 29 home runs.

But in that second round, Joc Pederson of the Los Angeles Dodgers would match Vladdy. This would mean that the two men would compete and put extra tallies on the board. We would see three overtimes in this second round. And this would lead to an unfathomable total of 40 home runs in a single round. And the second record was the combined total of all round was 91. Let that sink in for a moment. In this one night, Vladdy Jr would hit more home runs than the SF Giants, KC Royals, Detroit Tigers, and Miami Marlins have hit the entire first half.

Talent Reigns Supreme

The game of baseball is in the hands of some incredibly talented young players. What we would see from Vladdy Jr and Ronald Acuña Jr was just scratching the surface. Baseball has used a motto this season of “let the kids play.” And while a catchy slogan most of the time, during the All-Star game it was very apparent. 33 and 34 years old are now the elder statesmen, and the game is growing in strength for it. The beloved game of baseball is in great hands for the future.

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