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Time for the Yankees to Pay Up, Talking Extensions

The New York Yankees have built up a strong team for this season. And the evidence of that will be seen today during the MLB All-Star Game as the Yankees will have five representatives, including two starters. The Bronx Bombers began re-fortifying the base of the team this past off-season with several extensions. As for this piece, we will look at five players the Yankees should consider locking up to long term deals right now.

Gary Sanchez

Gary Sanchez was believed to be the next great Yankee superstar when he was in the Minor Leagues. And his Rookie campaign all but confirmed that idea. Last season, however, was a different story. And last year provided the Yankee Universe with many gripes and rants about Gary’s future with the team. The Yankees, however, held true to their faith and believe in Gary Sanchez and it is paying off handsomely this season. And the Yankee front office should make an offer to keep Sanchez in the fold long term.

Gleyber Torres

There is no doubt in the mind if anyone who has been paying attention that Gleyber Torres is a superstar. This season Gleyber has shifted between Shortstop and Second Base seamlessly and has had a killer offensive season as well. The Yankees have the resources to make a lucrative offer that is still team friendly as well. Because if Gleyber ever approached Free Agency, Torres would command a fortune.

Aaron Judge

The unofficial Captain of the New York Yankees, Aaron Judge, deserves a long-term extension as well. There is no doubt that Judge is a wonderful leader and ambassador for the Yankees and Major League Baseball in general. But even just looking at what the young man is capable of on a baseball field, it’s otherworldly. Aaron Judge is a once in a generation kind of talent. We don’t see players if his size and ability in baseball. And while that is a reason to be cautious with the terms of a deal, a deal still needs to be done to keep Judge a lifetime Yankee.

Didi Gregorius

When thinking about the top Shortstops in Major League Baseball, a name often (disrespectfully) neglected is Didi Gregorius. Didi is quietly one of the best defenders in all of baseball, regardless of position. And Gregorius has proven to be the postseason captain clutch. The Yankees have seen the kind of impact that Didi can make. And should, therefore, make him an offer that causes him to impact pen to paper and sign an extension.

Luke Voit

Last but certainly not least, Luke Voit deserves to be given some security. A powerful right-handed bat with the patterned Yankee approach of working counts is Like Voit. No one was really sure what the Yankees were going to get when they acquired Luke Voit. It was initially a depth move because of the Greg Bird shaped void at first base. But since then Voit has been absolutely stellar. Voit has been consistently one of the best Yankees over that time span. And with proving that he is not a “flash in the pan” type, the Yankees should give Voit a proper offer he can’t refuse.

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