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Legends & Celebrity Game, Underrated Highlight of MLB All-Star Week

During the MLB All-Star week, there are all kinds of events. Home Run Derby, the MLB Futures Game, all kinds of fan interaction events, and of course the MLB All-Star Game itself. But the one event that always piques my interest is the Legends and Celebrity All-Star Game. Thus for this piece, we go over what makes the game special and worth watching.

The Legends

Every year that this game is played we see legends return to the field for a fun and leisurely game. And we also see legends that played for the team in whatever city the game is being played in that year. From legends like Bernie Williams, Rollie Fingers to Ozzie Smith to Jim Thome, we see these childhood icons don the uniforms once again and inspire fans once more.

The Celebrities

As the years have passed, this game has had some of the biggest names in movies, music, television, fashion, and more. We see celebrities that played when they were young, getting the opportunity to live out their childhood dreams. We have seen people embrace the moment like Kevin James, the King of Queens, and lifelong New York Mets fan, play in 2013 as if he were fighting in Game 7 of the World Series. We’ve seen celebs like Nelly and Jon Hamm, go yard. And repeat celebs coming back multiple years because they loved it so much like Jamie Foxx and James Denton. Personally, I can’t wait to see what Daddy Yankee does this year, as he used to play baseball in Puerto Rico.

The Olive Branch to Non-Baseball Fans

The Legends and Celebrities Softball Game is a truly fun event. And it’s also a way to get people that normally don’t watch baseball a reason to tune into the event. Then the baseball history lesson can be given and the love of the game transferred over. When non-baseball fans see their favorite stars or artist engaging in an event outside of their world, it’s intriguing. This allows us as the baseball fans to educate them on the game. But it also allows for a fun experience that’s not taken too seriously. And it can show the truly childlike nature the game possesses.

As someone that has watched just about all of these games, I can say that I love this event. It is my favorite event from MLB All-Star week. And while that may seem strange. It’s for the reasons listed above and the overwhelming laugher throughout the course of that game that this is a “must-see” event. Plus WWE Superstar, the Miz is in it, so you know it’s “Must-See.” (Wrestling pun.)

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