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3 Up & 3 Down New York Yankees

The New York Yankees have been on fire as of late. And when riding an 8-2 record over their last ten games, you have that happen when players are going well. But not everyone does well at all times. So in this piece, we look at three players going well and three that need to improve.

1 Up: DJ LeMahieu

The hit machine himself, the AL Player of the Week, DJ LeMahieu has to be given a special spotlight on this countdown. DJ is ripping the baseball at an unbelievable rate. Over LeMahieu’s last seven games, DJ is slashing .412/.429/.794, Those are eye-popping numbers. And when looking at DJ’s 2019 campaign, he has MVP caliber numbers. DJ LeMahieu has, with very little, argument has been the Yankees first half MVP. If DJ can continue this and league-wide MVP trophy is in his future.

1 Down: Aroldis Chapman

Let’s preface by saying that Chapman’s overall season totals are very good. But this is a “What have you done for me lately” kinda piece. And as of late, Chapman hasn’t looked like good Aroldis Chapman. Over Chapman’s last 6.1 innings pitched, Aroldis has an uncharacteristic 4.26 ERA and given up nine hits and three walks in the process. The Yankees bullpen is a strength. But that strength ultimately comes down to the last man out of the bullpen.

2 Up: Gio Urshela

An unlikely candidate to be runner-up offensive team MVP at the beginning of the season but that has been the case. Gio Urshela was thought to be just a glove man, not someone posing a real threat with the bat. We’ve chronicled this before and will probably mention it again, as long as Urshela keeps hitting the way he has so far this season. Over the last seven games, Urshela is slashing .316/.381/.526. And Gio has already surpassed his career high in many categories, specifically Home Runs and RBIs.

2 Down: Giancarlo Stanton

Big G has hit the IL once again and will likely miss at least another month. This is a big blow to the Yankees that were slowing starting to get healthy. Stanton has not had many opportunities because of being on the IL. But if Stanton can fully recover that will be a strong presence for a playoff run.

3 Up: Aaron Hicks

Since coming off the IL, Aaron Hicks has struggled to find his groove. But as of late it seems as if the switch-hitting outfielder has turned it on. Over the last seven games, Hicks is slashing .296/.382/.519. Aaron Hicks is an important piece in the Yankees lineup. Not just what Hicks does defensively but on the offensive side as well. And as Hicks finds more of his groove as the season goes on the Yankees will be in even better shape than they currently are at the present moment.

3 Down: Luke Voit

Luke Voit’s place on this spot is due to injury. Voit was having a phenomenal year before the injury. And while the severity has been downplayed, we have seen the Yankees be savagely plagued this season with injuries.

B.O.L.O: Didi Gregorius 

Didi hasn’t been back all that long, but he’s already started impacting the Yankees on both sides of the ball. We know that Didi, much like Hicks, is an incredible defender. But it’s the offensive explosion since joining the Bronx Bombers that has people excited about them. Didi has started to get it going over last seven games, and he’s slashing .438/.471/.750. Gregorius is a fan and teammate favorite and with numbers like these and that 1000 watt smile, it’s easy to see why.

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