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Baseball & America, The Perfect Combination

Today is the 4th of July, America’s birthday. So with that in mind, we look at something else that symbolizes America, the game of baseball.

It Was Born in America

The origins of baseball are shrouded in mystery as no one truly knows who invented the game. But what isn’t a mystery is that it was a game born here in America. Baseball as a sport has, in some ways paralleled the societal culture as a whole. The history of America isn’t always the prettiest, and baseball follows that same trend at times.

Nevertheless, the country has endured, and so has the game of baseball. The game itself has gone through peaks and valleys with fan support. But through all of that, it is still considered America’s Favorite Pastime.

It’s America’s Favorite Pastime

The game of baseball has incredible power. It can bridge the gap across many generations, as well as crossing continents. Baseball is a sport played with childlike love and passion that often mesmerizes the mind of its fans. From a beautifully executed 6-4-3 Double Play to the highway robbery of a Home Run by an Outfielder. The game provides its fans with memories that last a lifetime.

America was built upon the back of this great game. And as we head into the next generation of fandom, names like Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Aaron Judge, Francisco Lindor, Javy Baez, Jose Altuve, Nolan Arenado, and many many more hold the game in safe hands. This is the game we played as kids and grow up thinking we can still do despite proof to the contrary. This game is the ultimate expression of love.

For the Love of the Game

We baseball fans speak about their team or the game; it is done with pride. Most sports fans will love the game or their team, but there is something about baseball fans that is different. What makes baseball fans different is the grind. The baseball campaign is unlike anything else in sports. To be a truly dedicated baseball fan means to devote your life from the middle of February to the middle of November to one thing. It can only come from a place of love, passion, and devotion to offer up that much of one’s life. Three plus hours usually six times a week and occasionally twice on Sunday.

It’s only out of love that a relationship like this can thrive. Only out of love can one sustain the roller coaster ride of the season. It can only be out of love that we are able to have our hearts broken one night and come back the next day hopeful things will be different. The game of baseball elicits every emotion on the spectrum over the course of 162 games. But we go through it because of love for this wonderful game.

What a Wonderful Game

So on this day that we celebrate America, don’t forget to celebrate the game most associated with the country. Baseball cross borders, boundaries, and brokenness to give us something special to hold on to every day. So on this day, head outside and celebrate America the best way possible and “PLAY BALL!”

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