3 Takeaways from Jessica Jones Season 3

Recently, I finished the final season of Jessica Jones on Netflix. And there were some good moments and others that left me feeling disappointed. So for this piece, we will take a look at three takeaways from Jessica Jones season 3.

(Obviously, Spoiler Warning for what’s ahead.)

Real Villain is Humanity

By the conclusion of the 13 episode season, the real villain was none other than Jessica’s “sister” Trish Walker. Making Trish the villain was an interesting twist. And from a story perspective, it makes sense that Trish would take a turn to the dark side. When you consider her history of addiction, it’s understandable that her new powers would overtake her. The entire season Trish would face off with her duality. It’s a case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It also symbolizes the struggle that we also face when it comes to our struggles.

When Trish fully commits to her idea of taking up vengeance in the name of justice, it’s about proving Jess wrong. However, in that effort, Trish proves Jessica right about Trish’s inability to control the monster within. Throughout the season, Jessica fights with herself about her desire to be heroic. And for the season Jess claims her desire to be a hero is like Jon Snow’s desire for the Iron Throne. (They don’t want it.) But in actuality, Jessica does want to be a hero, but she doesn’t feel that she is worthy of that mantle. But it was ultimately Trish’s desire for “justice” (vengeance) by any means necessary made her a villain.

Hogarth the Horrible

One character throughout the season that irritated me was Jerri Hogarth. Hogarth has always been a cold, calculated, and selfish individual. That makes sense for an attorney of her caliber. This season, however, Hogarth would feel more like a robot trying to fein empathy. I understand what the intended result was supposed to be, but the character seemed to lack intelligence more than anything. And that was never part of her character. Now maybe we can chalk up the lack of foresight as someone who was on the brink of death battling within themselves. But overall Jerri just felt lost throughout the season.

It Ain’t Over

One feeling that came over me like the rage Trish Walker saw for “injustice” was that this wouldn’t be the end. We know that Netflix relationship with Disney/Marvel is subsiding because of the Disney Plus streaming service. However, our beloved Netflix Marvel heroes are likely not done just yet. And it will be some time before we see them again, with the way the Netflix contract worked. But before too long we will see Frank Castle, Matt Murdoch, Jessica Jones, and many more gracing our screens once again.

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