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2 Reasons to Look Forward to AEW Fyter Fest

This weekend we will see the second half of the “head-to-head” matchup of AEW & WWE.  Last Sunday’s Stomping Grounds event was above average but nothing overly spectacular. This weekend All Elite Wrestling has a chance to sound the alarm. So we look at two reasons to tune in to AEW Fyter Fest.

Introduction of New Talent

One aspect of All Elite Wrestling that has me intrigued in the roster packed with unknown quantities. Many of the wrestlers are “indy darlings” and will have AEW as their platform to the world. Having built up a roster of relative unknowns has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that for the general wrestling population the wrestlers come in with no expectations and can be given a clean slate. But that can also be a disadvantage. Anyone that is closing themselves off to being simply a WWE fan will not allow these unknown wrestlers a true opportunity.

By having a roster that is not laced with former “WWE Guys,” AEW allows themselves a fresh start and a disconnection from WCW. AEW will find it’s way this fall to the network that once housed World Championship Wrestling. And that isn’t the only connection, as a member of the Rhodes family will have creative control. This Saturday’s Fyter Fest event (streaming free on B/R Live) will give the world an opportunity to see all the young talent, not for WWE big names like WCW did.

Main Event Scene is Legit

One area of AEW that has recognizable faces and names is the main event scene. But not all of the names are WWE recognizable, which is good. AEW has four Executive Vice Presidents that love the wrestling business. And when teaming with Tony Khan and the Khan family they decided to only target the best main event talent. Kenny Omega is the best wrestler in the world today, that’s a fact, not an opinion. Add in the world-renowned Chris Jericho and the newly escaped prisoner Jon Moxley (fka Dean Ambrose) and you have a notable singles main event scene.

But AEW has already made it clear that Tag Team wrestling will be a main staple of the promotion. And with that in mind, the two best tag teams on the planet call All Elite Wrestling their home. The Young Bucks and the Lucha Bros will call AEW home and these two teams already put on one heck of a display at Double or Nothing. Tag Team wrestling when done right can be a thing of beauty. And Saturday we will see the Young Bucks team with fellow Elite brethren Kenny Omega to face off with the Lucha Bros and the Laredo Kid. And if I can borrow a phrase from the legendary Chris Jericho, “Drink it in man.”

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