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Encarnacion to Yankees, Was it the Right Move?

Over the weekend the New York Yankees would acquire the services of the first baseman/designated hitter, Edwin Encarnacion. This move baffled some as the Yankees are currently in need of pitching. And add in the fact that both of the Yankees big slugging outfielder are already on rehab assignments. So for this piece, we’ll look at was this the right move for the Yankees.

Walking the Parrot

Edwin Encarnacion is known for his signature gestures following a home run. And one reason the Yankees would call upon his services is for that reason. The Yanks are known as the Bronx Bombers for a reason and Eddie fits that mold. Another part of his power-packed benefit is that fact that Encarnacion has 22 home runs against the Boston Red Sox since 2014. And while the Tampa Bay Rays are immediately threat in the standings, Boston will always be viewed as the true rival.

Right Fit

With this addition, the New York Yankees lineup became even more right-handed heavy. But the addition of Encarnacion fits the new Yankee mold. The Yankees have loaded their team with righty batters that drive the ball to right and right-center field. (The Short Porch at Yankee Stadium.) This approach is where the Yankees thrive. And the reason is that with the increase in shifting and the explosion of analytical thinking lefty-batters aren’t pitched the way they used to be pitched. But righty batters are pitched away and that leaves the right-field porch even more appealing.

Cash Still Surprising

One thing about this move is that it was a prototypical Brian Cashman trade, surprising. And like Randy Orton’s RKO it came out of nowhere. Cashman has been known for checking under every rock and behind every bush to upgrade the roster. And the glaring need for “starting” pitching will be addressed. But it may not be addressed in the way that we would initially anticipate. Brian Cashman is still an underrated GM by most accounts. His skill is often misjudged as a product of the Yankees financial capability. But after the 2016 “Retooling” Cash is starting to get the recognition for his talent. And it’s that talent and track record that leads many to believe that a pitcher (or two) will be acquired before the July 31st deadline.

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