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Real “Super Showdown” in Wrestling

This coming Friday the WWE will once again venture to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. So along with that trip comes another controversial event. This time the event is entitled “Super Showdown.” And while the card has some “Super” names on it, the showdown will not be received in quite that manner. But that’s not where WWE’s Super Showdown is truly coming from. But we tell you from where the showdown is coming.

Ten-Year Nightmare

The intentions of WWE putting on this event are apparent to anyone who is paying attention. It’s about the money that will align the pockets of the WWE bank brokers and shareholders. These Saudi events are something that started off with “good intentions” from the WWE end. But ultimately the controversy occurred and this ten-year commitment is now an albatross of a Public Relations nightmare.

Lack of Depth

In order for the WWE to salvage something from these shows, they have to try and convince their talent to participate in the event. And as the Showdown has approached more and more WWE (Male) Superstars are declining to make the journey. I specify male Superstars because the women are not even allowed to make the trip to compete. Thus WWE has to stack a card full of “legends” because the current roster is unwilling (Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan) or not allowed to make the trip (Sami Zayn, Aleister Black.)

Yester-Years Talent for Today’s Cash

The match card will contain names like Triple H, Randy Orton, Goldberg, and even the Undertaker. The WWE is now contractually obligated to put on two events a year for the next eight and a half years. A contract that WWE will not void because of the loss of financial stability the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s monetary contributions affords them.

Loss For Words and Fans

At the end of the day, WWE will always look to protect itself. And it’s through their wealth that they are protected. As fans, this leaves us feeling almost disconnected from the product. WWE treats the fans as if they are incompetent morons with their inconsistent and incoherent booking. The WWE will take beloved characters that have built themselves up because of the love and passion they have for the “Pro-Wrestling” business and drive them down. I.E., Jon Moxley (fka. Dean Ambrose) and Shawn Spears (fka. Ty Dillinger.)

Not So Shocking Revelation

If you haven’t heard the episode of the “Talk is Jericho” podcast with Jon Moxley, then do yourself a favor and check it out. Mox goes into a lot of details and gives an honest account of what his tenure was like in WWE. And everything that we as fans have assumed for years is all true. The maniacal out of touch dictator who rewrites things for his own perverse amusement removes all semblance to nuance and depth in each character.

Real Showdown

It is this watered down nonsensical product that has given a huge boost to the independent wrestling scene. Fans of Pro-Wrestling, a taboo word in WWE, wanted, no NEEDED an alternative product. Thus All Elite Wrestling (AEW) was born. A wrestling product that is being managed and booked by fans of pro-wrestling that just so happen to be pro-wrestlers.

WWE may have entitled their show this weekend in Saudi Arabia the “Super Showdown,” but the real Super Showdown is going to be between the fans of pro-wrestling and the maniac atop the “sports entertainment” empire.

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