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The Reemergence of The Kraken, Gary Sanchez

In August of 2016, Gary Sanchez would receive a very important (second) call up to the New York Yankees. And over the next 53 games played the Yankee backstop would put on a display that would captivate baseball and the Bronx. And in 2017 Sanchez would deliver a powerful follow-up season. But last season would see Gary Sanchez struggle. The Kraken would be shackled, hobbled, and stumble his way through the 2018 season. But here we are in 2019, and the Kraken has re-emerged stronger and better than ever. So with this piece, we shine a light on arguably the most important Yankee, Gary Sanchez.


Gary Sanchez was seen as a cornerstone piece of the New York Yankees roster. And throughout the building process to this current version of the roster, Sanchez was an ”untouchable” prospect in trade conversations. Having a plus catcher as a cornerstone of the franchise can be seen as a luxury. Just look at the success the San Francisco Giants had with Buster Posey as their cornerstone. Three World Series victories over five seasons is uncommon territory in today’s Major League Baseball climate. Think back to the last Yankee Dynasty, a cornerstone of the franchise and a member id the ”Core 4,” Jorge Posada. Having an All-Star catcher aids in a teams success.

Return to Form

Much has been made of Gary Sanchez’s blocking ability in the past. And 2018 saw the worst of those struggles. But now in 2019, a return to form offensively has also translated into a much better defensive game for Sanchez as well. Over the weekend we would see Sanchez pick off Eduardo Nuñez at second base.

Kraken Crushing

Last season, Sanchez would still manage to hit 18 home runs in only 89 games played. And this season it took Sanchez only 40 games to get to the 18 home run plateau. Gary Sanchez was once viewed as the best of the hitters because of his hitting ability over his power ability. And this season is demonstrating that very principle.

Gary Sanchez has regained his confidence, and that has allowed him to shine this season. This is the version of Gary Sanchez that we believed in during out ”Top 10 Catchers Right Now” series. And if Gary continues this current path and AL MVP award may also be in his future.

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