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3 Reasons to Watch NXT Takeover XXV

NXT will have the spotlight of the wrestling world with NXT Takeover XXV (25), this Saturday night. And when it comes to NXT Takeover specials, they always deliver something epic. So in this piece, we will look at three reasons to look forward to NXT Takeover XXV.

Refreshing Breeze

For so long, the idea of reaching “Main Roster WWE” was a dream for many “Superstars.” But as the adage goes, “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.” And one WWE Superstar that never truly found his spot was Tyler Breeze. Breeze was one of the anchors in NXT. A staple (if you will) of a growing entity and brand that would help change the culture in the wrestling business. But upon receiving his “call-up,” Breeze would have his talents and ability repeatedly squandered.

But that all changed a short time ago as Breeze found his way home and back to NXT. A place where his talent can be appreciated. Tyler will be facing off with the charismatic North American champion, the vibrant Velveteen Dream. This match has the potential to steal the show this Saturday night. And if for no other reason than to allow Tyler Breeze to reintroduce himself to the world. And in a place where he can shine as a talented performer.

Overlooked Brilliance in Baszler

Shayna Baszler is the NXT Women’s champion and a very good one at that. She understands and plays her role to perfection. When you think about that way a heel champion of her pedigree would behave, Shayna embodies that role. And Baszler seems to relish in that spot. Also adding in Shayna’s real-life shoot fighting expertise and you have yourself a believable champion with a chip on her shoulder. Shayna is a star in NXT and could easily give the “main roster” women a push off their pedestals. The submission specialist is a reason all her own to watch NXT Takeover XXV.

NXT Championship

This match is a must watch. Period. End of Story. But if you’re not watching NXT, then you may not understand how truly special it is witnessing Johnny Gargano versus Adam Cole (Bay Bay.) Gargano and Cole are arguably two of the best of this generation. And individually either man could wrestle a paper bag and match an entertaining matchup out of it. But you place these two dynamic talents together, and the ring has been appropriately named a canvas. Because Gargano and Cole will produce an art form befitting of two master artist.

Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano have fought and labored in the wrestling business. And both men have put on some of the most spectacular classics in NXT history with other opponents. This night, however, I fully expect to witness a master class in process wrestling. And not that these two men needed more motivation. But the incredible matchup between the “Brothers Rhodes” and “Alpha vs. Omega II” at last weekend’s AEW Double or Nothing, will push their creativity to new levels. Expect this matchup to be a match of the year contender, and it will only be June first.

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