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AEW: 3 Takeaways from Double or Nothing

AEW Double or Nothing was an incredible event. We witnessed many new talents and some names we have known for years. And everyone was given their time to shine. But as the aftermath unfolds, we look at three key takeaways from the monumental wrestling show.

Proper Pacing

One of the main things about this show that was awesome from a viewing standpoint was the pace. Each match felt different from everything that came before it. And no match felt bogged down or too long. Watching Double or Nothing felt like a refreshing wrestling experience. Yes, were there some things that we’ve seen in the wrestling business before. But the majority of the focus was on storytelling not previously used wrestling tropes. As previously stated, each match felt different from one another. Each match also felt place perfectly in an ever-increasing card.

Cody vs. Dustin

This was one of the matches that I was really looking forward to since it’s announcement. (2 Exciting Matches for Double or Nothing.) Cody versus Dustin was billed as “Generation vs. Generation.” And Cody said he would destroy the “Attitude Era” in this matchup. But what we witnessed was about more than taking out the Attitude Era generation holdovers. This matchup was about establishing AEW as something more. Watching this match was like watching a feature-length film in 22 plus minutes. The sights and sentiments that this matchup elicited from the crowd and myself watching at home was something special. It was a moment of realizing in-ring genius from a storytelling perspective. And Rhodes versus Rhodes is worth rewatching. Even if you are more squeamish in nature when it comes to the blood fountains like the one that was pouring from Dustin Rhodes’ head.

Tag Team Division Actual Matters

If you didn’t believe Matt and Nick Jackson when they said that tag team wrestling was going to be a focus, then Double or Nothing was a clear message. Tag team divisions throughout wrestling haven’t received genuine attention. But the AEW tag team division was given a huge spotlight as four of the seven matches on the Double or Nothing card were tag team matches. (6 person tag matches included.) Including the semi-main event that featured the AAA World Tag Team Champions, the Young Bucks were taking on the Lucha Brothers. The art form that is tag team wrestling (when done right) will be on display throughout All Elite Wrestling.

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