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Yankees: Miguel Andujar Done for the Season

The New York Yankees were dealt another blow this season. Miguel Andujar is opting for shoulder labrum repair surgery. While this is a substantial blow to the Yankees, it was a necessary decision. So we look at some reasons why this was the right move for the Yankees and Miguel Andújar.

Not Going To Heal Itself

An injury like a tear in a labrum is not going to be fixed with rest and relaxation magically. And no matter how much time Andujar spent on the sidelines working through simulations. Simulations aren’t the real thing. Miguel did not look like himself at the plate in his return to the Bronx. And that lead to the Yankees investigating his health a bit further. Whether because of hesitation or limitation, this injury was impairing Andújar’s dynamic offensive ability. And so a correction needed to be made.

It’s Still May

When it comes to major surgery, there is a long recovery period. So the earlier that process begins, the better off the player and his team are in the long run. For the Yankees and Miguel Andujar, the recovery road will be long and arduous. But getting Miguel back healthy for the 2020 season is now priority number one. The Bronx Bombers have faced great adversity this season because of the plethora of injuries. However, through it all, they have played .600 baseball.

24 Years Old

Miguel Andujar is only twenty-four years old and prolonging the surgery, and subsequent recovery process will hinder his young career. Andujar proved to be an offensive force in his rookie campaign. And arguably should have won the 2018 AL Rookie of the Year award. And although the 2019 season is now over for the third baseman, the rest of his career remains bright.

The Yankees opted for Miguel Andujar over the overpriced Manny Machado this offseason. And a fully healthy Miguel Andujar can provide the Yankees with a dynamic cost control offensive phenom. And so far in 2019, the loss of Miguel Andujar has been mitigated by Gio Urshela. Thus allowing the Yankees and Andujar to manage the injury for the long-term health of the young Yankee third baseman

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