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WWE: 3 Much Needed Winners at MITB

The WWE is at a critical point in their calendar season, as they’re in the midst of the lull after Wrestlemania. And with Money in the Bank this coming Sunday, we look at three much-needed winners at the MITB event.

Becky “2 Belts” Lynch

The Champ Champ, Becky Two-Belts, the Raw and Smackdown Live Women’s champion Becky Lynch is set to face seemingly insurmountable odds. Becky is scheduled to have two singles matches against “Vince McMahon’s twins. (Charlotte Flair, Lacey Evans.) Lynch is without question the fan favorite. But that fact that she is wrestling twice in a night leads one to believe that she will drop one or both belts on Sunday. This can not happen. To solidify the Champ Champ as the new baddest woman on the planet. After she beat Ronda Rousey. Becky must retain both her championships.

Seth ” Freakin” Rollins

For much of the same reason as Becky Lynch, solidifying the champion is a must. Seth Rollins dethroned the “Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. And a loss in his first title defense would diminish an already diminished WWE Universal Championship. Add in the fact that many questioned Seth Rollins’ believability as a babyface character when he won the Royal Rumble. And you have the makings of a less than stellar reputation with a defeat at MITB.


WWE is in a precarious position, as there seems to be turmoil within the upper echelon of the decision makers. Then you add in the fact that another wrestling company is about to air their first show. And WWE needs to make a big statement with MITB. All Elite Wrestling is already considered a rival of WWE even without having an official show. And with the recent announcement of AEW airing on TNT this fall, WWE must make a declaration of their dominance this weekend.

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