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MLB: 3 Up and 3 Down

As the MLB season continues teams work towards their ultimate goals. For some teams, the World Series is the end game. While other teams play for the draft. So we look at three teams playing well and three that are struggling. And be sure to read up on previous installments of this list.

1 Up: Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs have been playing a fantastic brand of baseball this season. The Cubbies have a National League best plus 57 run differential. Over their last ten games, the North Siders are 9-1. The top of the National League Central is a fierce battle. But Chicago seems poised to maintain their control over the Division.

1 Down: Seattle Mariners

Seattle was a team that started the season extremely hot. But have since taken a step back. Over their last ten games, Seattle has gone 2-8. And for the season have slipped back to a .500 winning percentage. Seattle was not expected to compete this season. But a good start brought hope to the North West. If the Mariners are to have any chance this season they will have to make some changes and quickly.

2 Up: Milwaukee Brewers

Sticking in the NL Central, the Milwaukee Brewers have also been playing quite well at this point in the season. The Brewers went off on an incredible run at the end of 2018. And this season they want to prove that it was no fluke. Over their last ten contest, the Brew Crew have gone 8-2. And they are looking to continue the momentum and overtake the Cubs for first place.

2 Down: Washington Nationals

A repeat performer on this list, the Washington Nationals have underperformed this season. The Nationals were expected to be a favorite in the division this season. And if not for the Miami Marlins they would be scrapping the bottom of the MLB barrel. Washington currently sits at -23 in the run differential department and eight games under .500. The Nats are second to last in the National League. Not the place you want to be on May 10th.

3 Up: Boston Red Sox

The defending World Series Champions had the worst opening salvo to a championship defense; a champion could ever have to start the season. But the Red Sox have found a way to recover from their sluggish start. Over their last ten games, the Sox are 8-2. And have finally managed to get into the positive in the run differential category. As Boston is now plus one in that metric. Boston has also gotten back to a .500 record and will be looking to build up from there going forward.

3 Down: Toronto Blue Jays

Although the Jays have the most exciting prospect in baseball, Vladimir Guerrero Jr, they don’t have much else going for them this season. Toronto was not expected to compete for a championship this season. But a competitive team was thought to be playing this season. So far that has not been the case. Toronto has struggled and dropped eight games in their last ten. And find themselves -26 runs in the differential column. Toronto will need a significant turn around to get back to being a .500 team this season.

B.O.L.O: Philadelphia Phillies

A team expected to do major things this season dealt with highs and lows. And much like this countdown, it has shifted from week to week. But this is a dangerous team and one to be wary of in 2019. Look for the Phillies to battle all season as they look to once again climb the mountain of MLB.

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