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3 Reasons to Start Watching Game of Thrones

Much of the content coming from the Laracuente Ledger Network recently has related to Game of Thrones as of late. (And to give you a heads up, we have more to come.) But it is because as this final season unfolds, there are so many layers of intrigue. And it’s with that in mind that we give you three reasons to watch Game of Thrones. And also look at our three takeaways from Episode 3 and Episode 4.

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Eternal Story of Good vs. Evil (Ice vs. Fire)

Every good story has a hero and a villain. And as the story progresses, the honorable hero moves towards defeating the vile villain. Game of Thrones usually throws a wrench into that narrativeWhen you begin watching Thrones, you quickly realize this isn’t your typical medieval times kind of show. And over the course of nearly eight seasons, we have seen a great many injustices. But we have also seen our fair share of recompense. So as you immerse yourself into all that Westeros has to offer. You understand that there is almost too much to comprehend for a single viewing.

Realistic Fantasy

In a world filled with dragons, ice zombies, and magic, the tales of Westeros are presented in an incredibly realistic manner. Yes, this world is made up in the mind of George R. R. Martin. But the way that these fantastical elements are displayed aid the believability of the story. The showrunners spoke of the dragons; they used real life and historic creatures for genuine inspiration. Animals like bats and pterodactyls were the guidelines for the dragons. And even the magical elements are done in an easy to believe manner. A fire priestess calling for fire from the “god of light” or warlocks whose power increases around the dragons. Everything was done in an easily acceptable capacity.

Even Better the Second Time Through

There is so much to each episode and season of Game of Thrones that one simply can not digest everything of note. And as you reach the end of the series and you go back to the beginning, you understand the symbolism even more deeply. So in order to watch it a second time to understand all the intricacies built throughout the episodes, one must watch it for the first time.

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