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Game of Thrones: 3 Takeaways from “The Last of the Starks”

As this is the final season of Game of Thrones, it has dominated much of the conversation on social media. Each episode draws out new emotions from fans and also leads to more questions, theories, and predictions. With the fourth episode of the eighth and final season entitled “The Last of the Starks” having aired this past week. We look to three key takeaways from the episode. Of course, Spoiler Warnings for what lies ahead. And check out last weeks article on Episode 3 The Long Night.

Takeaway #1: “Stark”Bucks Endorsement

So we must speak about the glaring and overwhelming talking point of the episode. And that was the coffee cup on the table throughout much of the dinner scene. What looked to be a Starbucks to go cup was in plain sight and dominated the Game of Thrones memes that flood the internet following the episode and thus required a place on this list.

GoT Coffee Cup

Takeaway #2: Missandei “Dracarys” 

In a brutal and devastating blow to Daenerys and the opening act of the “Last War” Missandei was captured by Lannister forces. And she would be used as a pawn for Cersei’s game. As a peaceful surrender was pleaded for by the Hand of the Queen (Daenerys,) Tyrion the opening salvo of war was enacted. When Cersei would have the Mountain cut off Missandei’s head. But before that occurred, Cersei would allow Missandei to say her final words. To which Missandei would look around then focus in on Grey Worm and Daenerys standing next to him. And she would utter words synonymous with the Mother of Dragons “Dracarys.”  This would be the signal to Daenerys to burn King’s Landing to the ground.

Also, we give a much more in-depth breakdown of the episode on the Laracuente Ledger Podcast. Episode 51 “Dracarys

Takeaway #3: The Last of the Starks

This episode would bring out change for what is left to come. Jon Snow, is really Aegon Targaryen, the son of Prince Rhaegar and Lyanna Stark. And the secret union produce the true heir to the Iron Throne. Jon has no interest in the Throne but has a claim. And with his love for Daenerys, Jon will try to help her claim the Throne. Jon would also give Ghost, his Direwolf, to Tormund symbolizing that his time as a Stark is no more. As the Direwolf is the sigil for House Stark.

Bran is the Three-Eyed Raven and therefore “Wants” nothing but also leaves no male heirs to Winterfell. And as we know from season 1 episode 1, there must always be a Stark in Winterfell. Thus leaving Sansa as Lordess of Winterfell and Wardeness of the North. The last of the Stark children, Arya, is on her want to King’s Landing because she has unfinished business there. (Killing Cersei, one of the final names on Arya’s List.) But Arya would also claim that she is unlikely to return to Winterfell.

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