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The Yankees Rotating Injured List

Since the outset of the 2019 season, the New York Yankees have faced a worrisome trend. In that, the injuries have piled up and taken hold of most of their best players. The second part of that tumultuous trend is the fact that seemingly every time someone returns from the IL another player gets added to it.


As previously stated the Yankees have dealt with a plethora of injuries this season. At one point having 14 players on the Injured List. As of the publishing of this article, there will still be 12 players on the IL. The injuries varied in severity and duration. Some from the minimum 10-Day stint to an unknown timeline for return.

Usually, when players hit the Injured List, teams will start to sputter. Especially, when it’s your best players. Yet the Yankees have found a way to a 19-14 record with a positive run differential of +36. The Yankees have shown their depth with their “Next Man Up” mentality. And now players are starting to get healthy and make their way back. Which means the Yankees are on the verge of becoming even more dangerous.


As was just stated there are Yankees on the mend and returning. This past weekend we saw the return of Miguel Andújar and today Clint Frazier is to be activated. These returns help strengthen and lengthen the Bronx Bombers lineup. So with the team having already been playing well, added better players will only increase those odds of winning.

The Goal Never Changes

Year in and year out, the goal for the New York Yankees is very simply. It’s a mandate instilled in everyone, fans included, that the only thing that matters is Championships. So the drought the Yankees have been experiencing for the last ten seasons feels like an eternity. This season achieving that goal holds even more significance. As if the Yankees fail in their mission this 2019 season, it will be the first since the 1910’s decade that the Yankees have failed to reach the World Series.

This team, however, has a special poise about them. Through all of the injuries that Yanks have been hanging tough in the AL East Divisional race, sitting just two games behind Tampa for first place. Thus with the return of the injured players, the Yankees can push forward towards their ultimate goal of will the World Series.

The Pinstripe Plunge Report

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