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MLB: 3 Candidates for 3000 Strikeouts

This week CC Sabathia reached the 3000 strikeouts plateau solidifying his Hall of Fame career. And it raises the question of who could potentially hit this incredible milestone next? So we name three candidates for that landmark achievement.

Justin Verlander- 2759

Justin Verlander stands the closest to achieving this great accomplishment. And even though Verlander is 36, he has regained his dominant form as a Houston Astro. Justin Verlander is one of the best pitchers in the game. And over his 15 year, Major League career has put up some incredible strikeout totals. Most of those strikeout season totals were done on just “pure stuff.” Now Verlander has figured out how to pitch and has nasty stuff to add into his repertoire producing his best strikeout season total in 2018. If Verlander is able to continue this level of dominance, he will easily reach 3000 strikeouts.

Likelihood of Reaching 3000 Strikeouts: Highly Probable

Max Scherzer- 2503

Max Scherzer has been one of the most dominant pitchers in Major League Baseball over the last seven years. And it’s gotten to the point that nearly every time Max makes a start there’s a reason to watch. Whether a No-Hitter into the 6th or approaching 20 strikeouts, Max is must see tv when on the mound. Over the last three season alone Scherzer has a total of 852 strikeouts. The Washington Nationals have built their team on starting pitching, and their ace is Max Scherzer.

Likelihood of Reaching 3000 Strikeouts: Highly Probable

Zack Greinke- 2481

The Ace of the Arizona Diamondbacks Zack Greinke is the third man on this list. Greinke has been a well above average Major League contributor for 16 seasons. And with strikeouts becoming more prevalent in the game today it will work out well for a smart pitcher like Zack Greinke. Of the three candidates on the quest for 300 strikeouts, it will likely be hardest for Zack Greinke. However, it should remain a feasible and relatively easy accomplishment barring any injury-shortened seasons.

Likelihood of Reaching 3000 Strikeouts: Probable

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