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Yankees Have New Green Initiative

The New York Yankees bullpen was thought to be a strength for the team. But sadly after the first 23 games of the season and a 4.25 bullpen ERA. The powerhouse bullpen has been pedestrian with Chad Green is one of the main reasons for the struggles. As one of the better relievers in 2018, and arguably THE best reliever in 2017, Chad Green has not found his form this season. Thus leading to Green’s demotion to Triple-A to figure things out. So we look at why this is a good move for Chad Green and the Yankees.

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It’s no secret that Chad Green has been struggling this season. All one needs to do to know that is merely looking at his ERA, WHIP, and FIP (16.43, 2.48, 10.03) to see that there’s a problem. So before last nights game against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, the Yankees made a necessary change to the roster by optioning Chad Green to Triple-A. And while this may seem like a setback for the young relievers career, it could ultimately be a blessing in disguise.

For example, we need to look no further than last season with Tommy Kahnle as the illustration. Last season Kahnle was in a similar position to what Green is facing during this 2019 campaign. A fastball with decreased effectiveness and a lack of control in the zone. And with that Kahnle would spend much of the season in Triple-A, unable to figure out the problem. Now Kahnle took nearly the full 2018 campaign to ”figure it out,” and there were whispers of an injury hold down the righty reliever. No such whispers have been uttered about Green. But with the way the injury bug has already ravaged this 2019 Yankees roster it wouldn’t surprise anyone if Green weren’t fully healthy.

Addition by Subtraction

With Chad Green being sent down to Triple-A, it allows the righty to work on his mechanics in a lesser pressured environment. There is no question that when healthy and pitching right Chad Green is one of the best relievers in baseball. (Look at his 2017 numbers.) But right now with the compromised state, the Yankees find themselves residing in at this point in the season. The Yanks can’t afford to cough up five and six-run leads. Sending Green to Scranton will give Chad the chance to get his fastball under command again. Because while every pitcher pitches off of their fastball, Green epitomizes that notion.

There is no question that something is off with Green. Figuring out whether it is something mental or physical is now the priority. The Yankees needed to make this move because Green won’t have the opportunity to uncover the problem at the Major League level. The Yankees need to maintain this winning path. Because if this team can keep winning games with their All-Star squad in the Injured List, they can accomplish incredible things this season. But part if winning games means locking it down when relievers come out of the bullpen. By demoting Chad Green to Scranton-Wilkes Barre, it gives the Yankees and Chad Green a chance for a fresh start and a new beginning to the season. And an opportunity to begin the ”New Green Initiative.”

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