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WWE: 3 Biggest Superstar Shakeup Surprises.

Following WrestleMania, the next big event on the WWE calendar is the Superstar Shakeup. And we put together a couple of pieces on who should be moving brands. (Main Roster, NXT.) But now that the shakeup has concluded, what are the biggest surprising moves? We tell you of three right now.

Roman Reigns To Smackdown Live

We’ll start with the biggest and most apparent of moves, and that’s Roman Reigns to Smackdown Live. Roman has been the company’s biggest star and hottest attraction since John Cena departed for Hollywood. And since Reign’s return from his battle with Leukemia, Roman has received a mostly positive response. But in the few weeks since his return, something hasn’t felt the same for Reigns. A moving to the Blue Brand is something that’s can potentially revitalize Roman’s drive, motivation, and spirit.

Usos To Monday Night Raw

The tag team division on Monday Night Raw improved overnight. The Usos had become a staple of the Smackdown Live tag team division. And the Smackdown Live tag team division has been super competitive for quite some time. The Raw tag division was very much a lackluster entity on Raw each week. The addition of The Usos with maintaining The Revival now give Monday Night Raw a formidable tag team division.

AJ Styles To Monday Night Raw

Smackdown Live was known as the “House that AJ Styles Built.” But much like with Roman Reigns, AJ Styles was seemingly in need of a change of scenery. There truly wasn’t a whole lot more that AJ Styles could do on Smackdown. So the move to Monday Night Raw on this year’s Superstar Shakeup fro AJ Styles allows for a fresh feeling. Styles always puts together “Phenomenal” matches. But it was beginning to feel as if every matchup had been exhausted. Now AJ can put together new matches and feuds on Monday Nights.

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