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Yankees: That’s More Like It

Last night the New York Yankees had an offensive explosion. The 8-0 victory saw many high points for the Bronx Bombers. We take a look at three key takeaways.

Paxton’s Arrival 

James Paxton did not have the initial start to his Yankee career he would have liked. But after a conversation with Carlos Beltran (Yankees Special Advisor.) About James tipping his pitches, Paxton broke out in a big way. Paxton would pitch eight strong innings with 12 strikeouts only one walk and just two hits. This was the James Paxton the Yankees traded Justus Sheffield for and for this matchup.

Bronx Hit Parade

Another standout takeaway from last night’s game was that everyone joined the hit parade. Something that has been absent this season, for the most part, the Yanks would have 11 hits and eight runs scored. This team was supposed to bludgeon teams left and right. But outside of one game in Baltimore, they have struggled to score runs. Hopefully, this game with the archnemesis Boston Red Sox can awaken the sleeping giant in the Bronx.

A Real Bronx Cheer

Often when you hear the term “A Bronx CHeer” it’s a sarcastic cheer. It’s factious praise dolled out for something you don’t want to be cheered for in reality. But last night the Bronx Cathedral was rocking. Whenever the Yankees play the Red Sox, there is always extra energy in the Stadium and last night was no different. The different atmosphere was in the Yankee dugout. Last night you could see a level of excitement and enthusiasm that was seemingly absent for the majority of the season. But last night that wasn’t the case. Last night the cheer in the Bronx was real, and it was exactly how the team and the fans expected this season to go.

Riding the Wave

While last night went exactly how the fans and team wanted it to go. It was only one game. However, we have to hope that this was the game that turned around the Yankee season. We have to hope that last night was the game that sets the Yankees on the right trajectory. The trajectory that leads to hoisting up the Commissioner’s trophy for the 28th time in franchise history.

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