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Yankees: 3 Up and 3 Down

The New York Yankees have not gotten off to the start they were hoping for this season. The 6-9 record, and dropping three straight home series to open the season for the first time since the early ’80s. And while it hasn’t felt even, there are some ups to contrast the downs this season. So we look at them now.

1 Up: Domingo German

The Yankees had a kinda-sorta competition during Spring Training to see who would walk away with a starting rotation spot. Domingo German would emerge as the victor. And German has proven he was the right choice for the starting rotation. After three starts and a relief appearance, Domingo is sporting an ERA of 1.38 with 14 strikeouts in just 13 innings of work.

1 Down: Chad Green

Once Chad Green was the Yankees secret weapon. Now, however, the weapon is no longer not a secret. But now everyone has the blueprint to stopping the weapon. Chad Green has not pitched well this season as evidenced by his 9.95 ERA. Green has given up 8 hits in only 6.1 innings pitched. The Yankees will need Chad Green to turn it around for them to be successful this season, as the bullpen is supposed to be a strength for this team.

2 Up: DJ LeMahieu

One of the more questionable signings of the offseason by the Yankee-Twitterverse was the signing of DJ LeMahieu. (Because it took the Yankees out of the Manny Machado sweepstakes.) But now the move looks like divine intervention as DJ has been the best Yankee so far this season. Currently, DJ is batting .396 with 7 RBI’s. LeMahieu has reached base 24 of his 55 plate appearances this season for a .455 On Base Percentage. Without DJ LeMahieu the Yankees would be sitting at much than 6-9.

2 Down: J.A. Happ

When the Yankees traded for JA Happ last season, he was a saving grace for the Bronx Bombers. Happ’s time in the Bronx this season has not gone the same way. This season Happ has an ERA of 8.76 with 2 losses and a whip of 1.95. (Whip is defined as walks/hits given up per nine innings.) Over the course of three starts, Happ hasn’t gotten out of the 5th inning. And in those three starts, JA Happ has given up at least five hits in each start. The Yankees starting rotation was a question heading into this season. One pitcher that wasn’t questioned was JA Happ, but he hasn’t delivered on the expectations. And just like with Green, Happ must turn it around for the Yankees to reach their goal of winning the World Series.

3 Up: Clint Frazier

Injuries have been the befoulment of this team early on this season. But it is because of the injuries that our depth is being tested. And a part of that depth resides with the young outfielder, Clint Frazier. Clint has been a highly touted prospect in the past. And while his service time has exceeded that “Rookie” label, Clint hasn’t truly had a regular opportunity to play and prove his merit. This is now that opportunity and Frazier is taking advantage of it. Over the last seven games, Clint has a slash line of .320/.333/.560. When Frazier was acquired, we heard about his “legendary” bat speed, and now we are getting a full dose. And it’s a sight to behold.

3 Down: The Injuries

This team has been ravaged by injuries. There are short-term and long-term injuries that this team is trying to overcome, to no avail, might I add. When the Yankees set out for Tampa ahead of Spring Training, this team was riding high. And coming off a very good and somehow underrated offseason. This team was arguably better than the team that finished 2018 with a 100-Win season. But by the time the team departed Tampa, it was a different squad. Now here we are in our fourth week of the season, and this team is incomplete. Eleven players are making their residence on the Injured List. At one point over $86 Million was sitting inactive. (Most of that still is as of this writing.) As we enter today the New York Yankees are sitting in third place in the AL East. Sitting directly behind the Bowie Baysox. Oops, excuse me, I apologize the Baltimore Orioles. The Yankees need to get healthy and soon if they are going to have a chance this season.

B.O.L.O: Aaron Judge

This New York Yankees team is under the control of one man, Aaron…Aaron Judge. How Aaron Judge goes so go the New York Yankees (when at full strength.) This year it took Judge a few at-bats to get this going. But now Judge sits with 4 home runs, 10 RBI’s and a slash line of .278/.412./519. When the weather starts to heat up so will Aaron Judge. So to quote Ken Singleton, “Look Out!”

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