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WWE:3 Potential NXT Call-ups for Superstar Shakeup

With the WWE Superstar Shakeup beginning tonight in Monday Night Raw, we are going to see new faces. New faces on Raw, new faces on Smackdown Live. And we already spoke about “main roster” Superstars making the switch of brands. But now we’ll look at 3 potential call-ups from NXT.

Undisputed Era

The team lead by Adam Cole (Bay Bay) has done quite a lot in NXT over the past couple years. But now is the opportunity to have the Undisputed Era come up and wreak havoc. The quartet can come in and just tear things up. When we saw Adam Cole’s debut in NXT, he along with Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly made a huge splash. And a similar entrance to announce we’re taking over would offer a refreshing turn of events, in an otherwise mostly stale tag team division. Adam Cole made a declaration that this four-man crew would hold all the gold. And they can easily accomplish that feat in WWE.

Sky Pirates

The tandem of Io Shirai and Kairi Sane are extremely popular with the NXT Universe. But they haven’t been presented in the same in on the main roster. So with the women’s division thinning out with the hiatus of Ronda Rousey. WWE must capitalize on the success of the first ever women’s main event in WrestleMania history. And what better way than to bolster the division with some charismatic and talented women like the Sky Pirates.

Pete Dunne

The longest reigning champion of WWE’s modern era, Pete Dunne, has all that he can do for the NXT UK brand. And with Walter now talking reign of the NCT UK Championship, Dunne is free to come and break fingers on Raw or Smackdown Live. Pete Dunne is the kind of talent that can be placed with almost anyone of any style and make magic. Just look at the brilliance that was Dunne’s match against Walter and NXT Takeover: New York. This is now the time to capitalize and give Pete Dunne the spotlight.

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