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Yankees: 3 Options to Replace Luis Severino

The New York Yankees were dealt a bad hand at the outset of this season. The Yankees have significant players on the Injured List, as we’ve documented quite a lot this far. But no injury is more significant that the injury to the Yankees Ace, Luis Severino. So in this piece, we look at three potential avenues to replace the Ace, Luis Severino.

The Internal Candidate: 6-Man Rotation

Yes, I know now exactly a ”candidate” but more so candidates. CC Sabathia is set to return from the IL, this coming Saturday. And as a preemptive maneuver, the Yankees sent down Jonathan Loaisiga. Should the Yankees decide to make a concerted effort to figure it out, they can turn to a 6-Man Rotation. The Yankees have aging starters in Sabathia and JA Happ. They also have a starter proven to be better on an extra day if rest in Masahiro Tanaka. And two young starters in Domingo German and Loaisiga. Not to mention the newly acquired James Paxton hasn’t pitched more than 160.1 innings in a single season in his career. So adding in another from the regular crop of starters could help the Yankees reduce the workload and the pressure of 162. Because after his first Minor League start, Gio Gonzalez is not an option.

Follow the George Method: Sign Free Agent, Dallas Keuchel

If you have spent any time on the Yankee Twitterverse, you know that phrase will come up, ”well if George were still here we’d a sign (insert top FA name here.)” But that’s not how the team is constructed and managed now. That being said, the Yankees are now without their Ace for more than six weeks. As Sevvy can’t even begin to try to build up his arm again until that time. That puts the timeline at the end of May if there are no more setbacks to begin building back up. Then another month until Sevvy would be game ready; you’re looking at a July return at the earliest. Meaning nearly the entire first half, the Yanks will be without their Ace, and that’s not exactly how you want the season to go down.

Which leads to Dallas Keuchel. Following the just ”throw money at it” solution the best available starting pitcher in the Fre Agent market is Keuchel. Should Keuchel be willing to sign maybe a short term contract, maybe 2-3 year deal, the Yankees would likely be willing to pursue a deal with the crafty lefty.

Take the Cashman Route: Trade for Madison Bumgarner

Madison Bumgarner hasn’t been an All-Star in a couple of years. He’s struggled with injuries and some ineffectiveness over the past few seasons as well. Both of those things play perfectly into Brian Cashman’s hands. Cashman has been known to get value where there was none previously viewed. And when players from other organizations join the New York Yankees, they get revitalized. A feeling likely to be proven true once again if Bumgarner is acquired. The Bronx Bombers have some quality players to be able to move in a deal. Add in the fact that the San Francisco Giants are already 4-9 and there’s only a single trading deadline, and that makes for a perfect move him or lose him scenario.

No, Madison Bumgarner is no longer the same pitcher. But in all honesty, his regular season numbers were always good but never stellar. And the Yankees don’t need Bumgarner to sport an ERA under 2.00 until it really counts, the Postseason. And it’s with a splash of Postseason adrenaline that Bumgarner will come to life. Adding Bumgarner gives your rotation a stable foundation. And come playoff time three of the best big game pitchers in baseball today, Masahiro Tanaka, CC Sabathia, and Madison Bumgarner.

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