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NXT Takeover New York Recap

The weekend of the “Big Four” WWE Network Specials, NXT puts on their special Takeover events. These events often “Outshine” the WWE events of the same weekend. So without further ado, we recap NXT Takeover New York.

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NXT Tag Team Championships: Ricochet & Aleister Black vs. War Raiders

Laracuente Leder Rating: 5.5/5
Predicted Winner: War Raiders
Actual Winner: War Raiders

The War Raiders are quite the accomplished tag team. And while only together for a short time Aleister Black and Ricochet work well together as well. The opening segment of this match was met with an extremely hot crowd and display of respect by both teams. Ricochet and Aleister Black would pick up the pace and deliver some high impact strikes. The mighty War Raiders would also deliver some hard-hitting shots. We all know of the athleticism of Ricochet and Black, but the War Raiders would display their ability. We would also see the power display of Ricochet with a Fallaway Slam on the big man Hanson. What an opening contest to kick off this weekend’s events. We also witnessed the single great Shooting Star Press I have ever seen. And this match put on full display why NXT is so much better than WWE, especially the tag team division.

NXT North American Championship: Matt Riddle vs. Velveteen Dream

Laracuente Leder Rating: 5/5
Predicted Winner: Matt Riddle
Actual Winner: Velveteen Dream

The beginning of this match was a battle of the crowd chants of “Velveteen” and “Bro.” Riddle would take early control looking for the Kimura Lock. But Velveteen would counter, and a test of strength would turn into a Matt Riddle advantage. A fantastic barrage of Double Axe Handles by the Velveteen Dream would be counter with a German Suplex on the outside of the ring. Matt Riddle is known for his strikes, but his power would be put on display in this match. Also as a fan of the New York Yankees, I was pulling for Matt Riddle a little bit more because his gear was the homage to the New York Yankees Pinstripes. And as a student of the game that Velveteen Dream always displays paid tribute with several callbacks to wrestlers of yesteryear. And as expected these two men delivered something truly epic.

NXT UK Championship: Walter vs. Pete Dunne

Laracuente Leder Rating: 6/5
Predicted Winner: Walter
Actual Winner: Walter

Pete Dunne has held the NXT UK Championship for 685 days. But would come up against his greatest challenger in Walter. And as hot as the crowd was already, it somehow got even hotter for this matchup. Walter would put his size, viciousness, and power on display in this contest. Walter is best known for his chops and boy would those chops sound extremely painful. Pete Dunne would be taken to a “Bitter End” of his own by Walter. Dunne would use his quickness and athletism to take advantage of Walter. Both Dunne and Walter would hit some of the stiffest shots I have ever seen or heard for that matter. The chops by Walter would leave bruises all over Pete Dunne. The final exchange between the two men would leave bruises and welts on everyone who just watched this matchup.

NXT Women’s Championship Fatal 4 Way: Kairi Sane vs. Io Shirai vs. Bianca Belair vs. Shayna Baszler

Laracuente Leder Rating: 6/5
Predicted Winner: Io Shirai
Actual Winner: Shayna Baszler

The Sky Pirates would be tossed out of the ring quickly, and Belair and Baszler would battle. The Sky Pirates would also display some of the charisma that makes them so beloved. Bianca Belair would put her dynamic and powerful ability on display. As I was supposed to be writing up this portion of the recap, I found myself almost mesmerized by the willingness by all women to give everything they have to win the NXT Women’s Championship. Another stellar women’s matchup, the “Women’s Evolution” in WWE all began in NXT. And these four women set an incredibly high bar for the Main event Sunday.

NXT Championship 2 of 3 Falls: Johnny Gargano vs. Adam Cole

Laracuente Leder Rating: 10/5
Predicted Winner: Johnny Gargano
Actual Winner: Johnny Gargano

Two of the most popular NXT Superstars are Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole (Bay Bay.) And the fact that this match is 2 out of 3 falls meant this match was going to be an absolute spectacle. A beautiful back and forth exchange between both men would solidify the incredible ability these men possess. The back and forth action would be fast-moving and hard-hitting. Adam Cole would take the first fall. Gargano would hit some massively huge moves to weaken Adam Cole. Both men would hit some big moves. Johnny Gargano would capitalize and win the second fall by submission. Johnny Gargano would get busted open in the process. There is a reason why these two men were selected to main event the first of two WWE events this weekend. And all you had to do was watch this match and be in awe of their performances.

Johnny Gargano wins the third fall by submission and becomes the new NXT Champion. Bottom line go and watch this match. Period. End of Story.

Also, we received a very lovely callback and tribute to Johnny Gargano’s journey to the NXT Championship. And what (or should I say who) was the main catalyst for Gargano’s rise to the Championship, and that’s Tommaso Ciampa appearing from backstage after the victory.

Overall Rating for NXT Takeover NY: 6/5

Another incredible event from the yellow and black brand. NXT Takeover New York was fantastic and set the bar monumentally high for the WrestleMania card to attempt (and likely fail) to top this Sunday.

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