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WWE: 4 Dream Match Opponents for Brock Lesnar

This week we will have Wrestlemania, so in thinking about the big event, we look towards some of the bigger names on the card. With that in mind, we turn to Brock Lesnar, the WWE Universal Champion. Brock Lesnar is a real asset to the WWE. But it’s when Brock feels like he has an opponent he wants to invest his time and effort to compete against he does. So assuming his full participation, we have four ideal dream matchups for Brock Lesnar.

NXT Challenger: Matt Riddle

NXT has turned out to be a successful third brand of WWE programming. And many of the world’s best wrestlers go there and become WWE Superstars. Someone that already had that “Superstar” presence about them, its Matt Riddle. The former MMA athlete turned to pro wrestling not long ago. But he’s become a must-see attraction in the ring. Which brings us back to Lesnar. Both Riddle and Lesnar have real fighting backgrounds which would make for an exciting matchup. Some of the Wrestlemania build for Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar falls a bit flat. Because on some level it’s not believable for Rollins to dethrone the Beast Incarnate. Lesnar has destroyed John Cena, Roman Reigns, and Randy Orton just to name a few over the past couple of years.

Where Rollins fails to pose a genuinely believable threat, Matt Riddle does not miss that mark. The contest would be an incredible hard-hitting striking affair with submissions and an MMA feeling of unpredictability. Matt Riddle would be a perfect dream match opponent for Brock Lesnar.

WWE Main Roster Challenger: Ricochet

Much like Matt Riddle the “One and Only” has a presence about him that is undeniable. Ricochet does things that don’t seem humanly possible. And it’s for that reason that a match against a physically dominating monster like Brock Lesnar would be so intriguing. The selling ability of Ricochet alone would be worth the price of admission for this dream matchup.

WWE Legend Challenger: Shawn Michaels

The WWE and many pro wrestlers have tried for years to recreate the brilliance and almost supernatural performance ability of (pre-back-injury) Shawn Michaels. No one of that style and size has ever come close to that level of magic under the WWE banner since Michaels. Therefore, fantasizing this legendary matchup, Shawn Michaels is the man for this spot. If you don’t think guys like Seth Rollins, and Dolph Ziggler could conceivably beat Brock Lesnar, I would have to agree. We saw Seth resort to low blows to drop the Beast Incarnate down on this past week’s Monday Night Raw. Shawn Michaels would have just outpaced the quick and agile Beast. The facial expressions of Michaels selling for Lesnar and Brock’s facial expressions when dominating Michaels would draw out such sympathy. And the attempted comeback would rock the Beast.

Outside WWE Challenger: Kenny Omega

Throughout the pro-wrestling world, there are a number of worthwhile dream match contenders for Brock Lesnar. However, none more so than the “Cleaner” Kenny Omega. Kenny Omega is the absolute best pro wrestler in the world. His in-ring work is second to none. You also add in the drama that he is able to build inside the squared circle. And you understand why he is also known as the “Best Bout Machine.” Kenny Omega versus Brock Lesnar would elicit a level of drama, tension, intensity, and a plethora of other emotions that are too many to name. But it would likely garner the highest rating on Dave Meltzer’s 5-Star rating system a WWE match would ever see in the company’s existence.

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