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WWE: 2 Potential Opponents for the Farewell Match of Kurt Angle

It was announced on the March 11th edition of Monday Night Raw that at Wrestlemania 35 would be Kurt Angle’s farewell match. So as we’ve done for a few other WWE Superstars, we will speculate two potential options for Kurt’s opponent.

Likeliest Opponent: John Cena

When it comes to Kurt Angle’s farewell match its important that Kurt is given the spotlight. “But how can he be the focus against John Cena?” One might ask. It is simple when you think about it. This version of Kurt Angle isn’t the version people were first introduced to or even the TNA version. This version of Angle can benefit from a showman. Someone who’s technical prowess is nonexistent. And no one fits that mold better than John Cena.

John Cena and Kurt Angle have a history that WWE can use in the build to the match. And having a part-timer with the “credibility” of a John Cena won’t be hurt by a loss at Wrestlemania. Another added benefit to having Kurt face Cena is that despite not ever being an in-ring technician, John Cena can elicit emotion from the WWE Universe for his matches. The 50/50 adoration/vitriol that fans have for Cena. Paired with the overwhelming love for Kurt Angle (especially in a farewell match.) Will give this match an extra level of emotion. And a willingness to overlook the physical shortcomings of the once legendary performer. A 5-7 minute spectacle can give Kurt the wonderful swan song he rightfully deserves.

Passing of the Torch Opponent: Chad Gable

Chad Gable is a former Olympian like Kurt Angle. Gable’s in-ring style is eerily similar to that of Kurt Angle’s prime. And while Gable may not have won the Gold Medal with a “broken freakin neck,” he is an accomplished amateur freestyle wrestler. At this point in Kurt’s career passing his legacy onto another would be a growing achievement for the highly talented Chad Gable. Arguably, Gable should have been the kayfabed storyline illegitimate son of Kurt Angle, but I digress.

Chad Gable could challenge Kurt Angle in Kurt’s farewell matchup to a freestyle duel. Having that sort of contest could be a fitting tribute to the accomplished Olympian. It would also allow Kurt to “give the rub” to Gable as his successor. And while Gable hasn’t been truly afforded the opportunity to show off his comedic chops just yet. This passing of the torch moment with a man so similar his style in Gable, could give Angle a final purpose on his way out of active WWE competition. The push initially intended for Gable’s “American Alpha” tag partner, Jason Jordan, could easily be transferred to Chad Gable. This preserving the legacy of Kurt Angle.

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