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WWE: Fastlane Recap

We are in the final stretch on the “Road to Wrestlemania.” So let’s not waste any time, we recap WWE Fastlane. And also check out The Laracuente Ledger Podcast for a review of Fastlane.

Kickoff Show

The New Day vs. Rusev & Shinsuke Nakamura

Laracuente Ledger Rating: 2/5
Actual Winner: New Day

In an impromptu matchup, Big E and Xavier Woods would take on Rusev and Nakamura. Throughout the matchup the commentary team was focused more on Kofi Kingston isn’t of the match at hand. This was a decent matchup despite the wayward early commentary.

Main Card

Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship: Shane McMahon & The Miz vs. The Usos

Laracuente Ledger Rating: 3/5
Predicted Winner: The Usos
Actual Winner: The Usos

The opening contest of the night would see the “Hometown” boy the Miz and Shane McMahon getting the dominance in the early part of the matchup. The middle part of the matchup saw the Usos dominating Shane McMahon. When the Miz got into the match, the crowd was behind the Miz in a big way. But the best moment came when Shane would intercept an Uso Splash with a Coast-to-Coast Dropkick. But The Usos would retain.

Following the match, Shane McMahon would turn on the Miz and attack him. Shane would even get physical with “Mr. Miz.”

Smackdown Live Women’s Championship: Asuka vs. Mandy Rose

Laracuente Ledger Rating: 2.25/5
Predicted Winner: Asuka
Actual Winner: Asuka

Asuka would take the early control of the match. But as Sonya would attempt a few distraction methods, Mandy Rose would take hold of control. There would be a bit of back and forth between the two women. Sonya Deville interference would come back to bite Mandy as a lifted ring apron would cause Mandy to slip. And Asuka would take advantage and win the contest.

Handicap Match: Kofi Kingston vs. The Bar

Laracuente Ledger Rating: .5/5
Actual Winner: The Bar

This match was initially said to be the WWE Championship match with Kofi added to make it a Triple Threat Match. But then the ring announcer would be told the match was changed to a handicap match. The Bar would assault and batter Kofi. The crowds would be behind Kofi 100% of the way. The crowd would begin chanting; this is boring. The rest of the New Day would come to ringside only to be attacked by Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura.

Raw Tag Team Championships: The Revival vs. Bobby Roode & Chad Gable vs. Aleister Black & Ricochet

Laracuente Ledger Rating: 3.5/5
Predicted Winner: The Revival
Actual Winner: The Revival

Let me start out with the most obvious statement: Ricochet is incredible. Ricochet’s selling ability would keep in in the matchup getting beat down by both sets of opponents. Once Aleister Black would enter the fray the speed and ferocity of the strikes would pick up. Ricochet would hit a top rope hurricanrana on Dawson all the way to the outside onto all other competitors.

US Championship Fatal 4 Way: Samoa Joe vs. R-Truth vs. Rey Mysterio Jr vs. Andrade

Laracuente Ledger Rating: 6.75/5
Actual Winner: Samoa Joe

This match was originally a one-on-one match between Rey Mysterio and Andrade. On the Kickoff Show, we would be told about the conversion to a Fatal Four Way match. And stating another obvious point, Andrade is a very talented wrestler. And the back elbow maneuver Andrade uses looks so devastating. Rey Mysterio would also show off his Lucha Libre ability that has made him so beloved for so many years. This was a really good match. Samoa Joe would take advantage and pick up the win.

Women’s Tag Team Championships: Nia Jax & Tamina vs. Boss N Hug Connection

Laracuente Ledger Rating: 2.5/5
Predicted Winner: Boss N Hug Connection
Actual Winner: Boss N Hug Connection

The Boss N Hug Connection were the heavy favorites heading into this match. And as one would expect Nia and Tamina would dominate much of this matchup. Sasha Banks and Bayley would try to create some separation. Nia would have her classic botch of the match. Bayley would begin to demonstrate the talent level that everyone seems to sleep on her talent. The Boss N Hug Connection would pick up the victory. But would be attacked by the challengers after the match. Tamina would then face off with special guest commentator Beth Phoenix. Tamina and Nia would then attack Beth Phoenix. Natalya would come out to try and make the save only to have her save thwarted by the Samoan Sisters.

WWE Championship Triple Threat: Kevin Owens vs. The “NEW” Daniel Bryan vs. Mustafa Ali

Laracuente Ledger Rating: 6.5/5
Predicted Winner: The “NEW” Daniel Bryan
Actual Winner: The “NEW” Daniel Bryan

We would be promised a triple threat WWE Championship match. But it would not be Kofi Kingston, but Mustafa Ali. The crowd would scream “We want Kofi.” Kevin Owens would control much of the start. Then Mustafa Ali would attempt a comeback until Daniel Bryan would hit a huge dropkick on Ali. When Ali was down, Bryan would twist, turn, and torque the limbs of Kevin Owens. Kevin Owens would then grab hold of the command. Mustafa would get his moment to shine as well. An excellent contest with an unbelievable finish.

Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair

Laracuente Ledger Rating: 4/5
Predicted Winner: Becky Lynch
Actual Winner: Becky Lynch (by DQ)

A barrage of kayfabe injuries would hobble Becky Lynch. And Charlotte Flair would consistently taunt Becky Lynch and attack the injured left leg. The chemistry that these two women have is incredible. They can play off one another easily. Then Ronda Rousey would come out and punch Becky Lynch. Forcing a Disqualification victory for Becky Lynch ensuring a triple threat match at Wrestlemania.

The Shield vs. Baron Corbin & Drew McIntyre & Bobby Lashley

Laracuente Ledger Rating: 4.5/5
Predicted Winner: The Shield
Actual Winner: The Shield

The action would start out hot. As the Shield would clear the ring. But as the match would get truly underway the “War Dog of the Mid-Card” would take the upper hand. The Shield would work well together. The Lashley, Corbin, and McIntyre team would begin to pick apart Dean Ambrose. As the tide would begin to turn we would get a series of signature moves. And as expected the crowd was firmly in the corner of The Shield.

Overall Fastlane Rating: 3.5/5

Overall I think the last stop on the “Road to Wrestlemania” was a good stop. Somethings the needed to be settled got settled. And other things questions were raised correctly. The next four weeks leading to Wrestlemania show be exciting and can’t miss television.

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