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MLB: Who do You Want at Third? “I Don’t Know.”

“I don’t know is on third,” are the legendary words utter by Abbott and Costello. But with two of the most notable current Third Basemen now off the market, we will look to the next set of potential Third Base Superstars in MLB.

Alex Bregman

While some may argue that Alex Bregman is already a Superstar in MLB. As the cover athlete for RBI Baseball 19, Bregman is still coming into his own. Alex already has a World Series Championship and an AL All-Star appearance and AS MVP trophy on his mantle. But that very well can just be the beginning. Bregman is only 25 years old (at the start of the season) and it’s with that youth that Bregman can amass some top-level caliber career numbers. And at third base, the Hall of Fame rankings are pretty shallow thus far. And if Bregman continues to remain healthy and play at this level for a long time his numbers could creep ever close to those Hall of Fame level statistics.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. 

Now we look to the not so distant future in Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Vladdy Jr is one of the most spoken about prospects in the game today. The astronomical numbers that he is putting up and the Minor League ranks is incredible. And yet we know that we won’t see him break camp with the Toronto Blue Jays (service time manipulation.) But within the first month (or so) we could see the second generation big leaguer begin making his mark on the sport.

Miguel Andújar

Miguel Andújar is a budding Superstar in the making. And if you doubt that look no further than the fact the New York Yankees chose not to even offer Manny Machado a contract. Much was made of Miguel’s defensive woes a season ago. But I’ll reiterate something I have said on numerous occasions through writing and on episodes of The Laracuente Ledger Podcast. And that is the Derek Jeter (a five-time Gold Glove winner) made 22 errors in his rookie campaign. While Miguel committed 15 errors, he improved as the season went along. To add to the fact of improvement is that it’s said Andújar works extremely hard to improve on those defensive lapses. Offensively, Andújar is capable of a great many things. And as he matures physically and as a ballplayer, the sky is the limit.

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