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WWE: 4 Potential Opponents for Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania

On last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw, Roman Reigns came to give an update on his battle with leukemia. And we heard the news that we as members of the WWE Universe we wanted to hear said, Roman’s cancer was in remission. So with Roman Reigns returning to WWE, we look towards who he can face at Wrestlemania. Here are four options.

Brother’s Betrayal: Dean Ambrose

Let’s begin with an obvious candidate in Dean Ambrose. Ambrose would use the night that Roman first announced his battle to turn on their “Shield Brother” Seth Rollins. And with Seth set to take on the beast at Wrestlemania, Roman can avenge his brother in arms Seth Rollins. And also if the rumors are to be believed that Dean Ambrose is leaving WWE after Wrestlemania. Reigns getting revenge for his brother’s betrayal and following that up with forgiving Ambrose could be a huge “Wrestlemania Moment.”

Supershow Squash: Baron Corbin

On the night of Roman’s announcement, Baron Corbin was the “acting Raw GM” and would make some very deplorable comments. And an easy way to pay for that receipt is by being squashed by Roman Reigns. And given the segment, we got on Raw with Reigns (and Rollins) making the save for Dean Ambrose against Corbin’s Crew it could lead to this match at Mania.

Legendary Longshot: Goldberg

In a match that we didn’t see on the reunion tour by Goldberg was a one-on-one match with Roman Reigns. It’s an easy match to book as Goldberg called out Reigns during his WWE Hall of Fame induction speech for his spear. Pitting Reigns versus Goldberg in a contest to see which spear is better could help elevate the Big Dog even more in the eyes of the WWE Universe.

Alternate Possibilities

There are other alternatives as to where to place Roman Reigns. As other than a match with Goldberg the other two suggestions aren’t all that marquee. And adding Reigns into the Universal Championship picture cannot happen as a triple threat for the Raw Women’s Championship is already taking place. And having two triple threat title matches would dilute both matches. So what else could be the offering on the plate of the Big Dog?

The Planet’s Champion

A match with the “NEW” Daniel Bryan would check off all the marquee boxes. As this match could take place for the WWE Championship because at the time of this writing Bryan has no clear-cut opponent for Mania. Another reason this matchup would work brilliantly is that Daniel Bryan is incredible in the ring. And the previous matches these two have had have been some of Roman’s best in-ring work. Then you add in that fact that every Daniel Bryan touches at the moment is gold. Yes, it would mean that Roman would have to switch brands but if WWE wants to meet Fox’s very high demands for ratings increase it will take moving Superstars of Reigns caliber to Smackdown Live.

Regardless of what the plans may be heading down the “Road to Wrestlemania,” it is good to see the man behind the Roman Reigns character, Joe Anoa’i is in a safe and healthy place.

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