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WWE: Fantasy Booking the Women’s Elimination Chamber Match

This Sunday is the WWE PPV, Elimination Chamber. And that got me thinking about if I were fantasy booking the event, who would I place inside the namesake structure. So below are the names of the women involved with my fantasy booked Elimination Chamber match. 

But before I get to the actual participants in the matchup, some ground rules for the inclusions. The inclusion of these pro wrestlers is first and foremost a personal choice. And not based on any specification qualifications. They will also be included with the mindset of each wrestler competing in the match at their prime, not necessarily as they are now. (As there is a non-active wrestler on the list.) I will also be expanding the number of competitors in the match from 6 to 8. And they can come from any wrestling promotion, not just WWE. And more than likely my list will look different than yours would look. But it is a fun exercise before the event this Sunday. I also have my fantasy booking Men’s Elimination Chamber Match so be sure to check that one out as well. But let’s get to the list (in no particular order.)

Number 1: Ivelisse

Arguably the best women’s wrestler on the planet right now is Ivelisse. La Sicaria unleashes kicks and brutal assaults with pleasure. And it leaves crowds hating how much they love her, despite usually playing the heel role. In an unpredictable environment like the Elimination Chamber, one thing that can be predicted is that Ivelisse will bring some devastation to the competition. And like Pete Dunne on the men’s list, Ivelisse would use the chamber itself as not just a tool. But as a full-blown ally in the match. Tossing opponents into the chain-linked walls, and smashing them into the chambered pods. Ivelisse would likely most enjoy kicking opponents off of the chamber roof as well. All while laughing in the face of every other woman in the matchup that dared to cross her path.

Number 2: Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks proved her top-tier talent once again (for whoever forgot and needed reminding) at the Royal Rumble. Banks match against Ronda Rousey reestablished “The Boss” persona. The edge and tenacity that Sasha showed would also come out inside the Chamber. Something Sasha showed the WWE Universe last year at this same event. Some people may sleep on the Boss, but I for one am not one of those people. Sasha also has a reckless abandon about her that would take risks inside the structure that would make for compelling watching. So inside the chamber goes Sasha Banks.

Number 3: Charlotte Flair

Arguably the most hated wrestler in the WWE Universe following this past week Monday Night Raw, Charlotte Flair must too be involved in this Elimination Chamber match. Charlotte is one of the best wrestlers in the business today. And many wrestlers in the WWE Women’s division have wrestled the best match of their careers against Charlotte. So when putting together a fantasy booking chamber match, the Queen must be present.

Number 4: Lita

One of the best women’s wrestlers in history is Lita. Lita was an innovator and a pioneer for women’s wrestling. And in my opinion, often her contributions get overlooked. As one of my favorite wrestlers (male or female) from the Attitude Era, Lita brings back a nostalgic fondness that I miss. In her prime, she would have ventured into the chamber looking to make her mark and do something to stand out. Thus she belongs on the list.

Number 5: Trish Stratus

Another legend, Attitude Era favorite, and Lita’s best friend, Trish Stratus would also find herself a part of my fantasy booked Elimination Chamber match. Trish Stratus may go down as the greatest women’s wrestler in history, especially inside the historical walls of WWE. There is no denying that her talent was only outdone by her desire to succeed. Trish is worthy of her WWE Hall of Fame status as well as entry into this Elimination Chamber.

Number 6: Ronda Rousey

The remarkable rookie that is Ronda Rousey the pro wrestler has taken leaps no one would have predicted let alone expected. And Ronda’s desire to excel matches that of the previous entry, Trish Stratus. We have seen over Ronda’s first year in WWE and ability to produce amazing quality matches, with even terrible opponents (Nia Jax, cough..cough.) Ronda would find herself locked inside a “cage” of a different sort but would likely feel right at home inside the chamber. And I could only imagine that strikes that would be exchanged between she and Ivelisse. That is a money making feud if I ever booked one.

Number 7: Becky Lynch

This list would not be complete without “The Man” Becky Lynch on it. Becky Lynch’s character has taken on a level unlike anyone not named Stone Cold Steve Austin. The outcry and outpouring response throughout WWE programming is unbelievable. And adding in the Lass Kicker makes all the sense in the world. And I wouldn’t want to be the one to stand in The Man’s way, as she will not be responsible for her actions if I do.

Number 8: AJ Lee

Much like the final entry on the men’s fantasy booking Elimination Chamber match list, AJ Lee immediately came to mind when I thought about this list. And just like her husband CM Punk, I love the character and her work as a pro wrestler despite being stuck in a sports entertainment realm. And just like CM Punk, the Pipebomb she dropped on the “Divas” was incredible. As I remember watching that promo live, I said to myself this is it, WWE has finally caught on and are going to give their women superstars a chance. And while not at that moment change did happen. Sadly, because of AJ’s obvious connection to her husband, WWE has all but erased her from their history, which is a joke and a travesty! And while her time atop WWE wasn’t very long, she left a lasting impression on so many.

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