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WWE: Fantasy Booking the Men’s Elimination Chamber Match

This Sunday is the WWE PPV, Elimination Chamber. And that got me thinking about if I were fantasy booking the event, who would I place inside the namesake structure. So below are the names of the men involved with my fantasy booked Elimination Chamber match. 

But before I get to the actual participants in the matchup, some ground rules for the inclusions. The inclusion of these pro wrestlers is first and foremost a personal choice. And not based on any specification qualifications. They will also be included with the mindset of each wrestler competing in the match at their prime, not necessarily as they are now. (As there is a non-active wrestler on the list.) I will also be expanding the number of competitors in the match from 6 to 8. And they can come from any wrestling promotion, not just WWE. And more than likely my list will look different than yours would look. But it is a fun exercise before the event this Sunday. I also have my fantasy booking Women’s Elimination Chamber Match so be sure to check that one out as well. But let’s get to the list (in no particular order.)

Number 1: Kenny Omega

Well, let’s start the list off with the biggest name in pro wrestling today, Kenny Omega. Omega is without question one of the greatest to step foot in a wrestling ring. And for anyone that has seen the Cleaner’s work you know that his presence in this match. Along with his creativity will make it a sure fire five star (probably more) match.

Number 2: Chris Jericho

One man that has been able to reinvent himself never to feel stale is Chris Jericho. Jericho is a super talented individual that rising to the occasion to deliver some of the best moments the wrestling business has seen. (i.e., the List of Jericho, List of 1004 Holds, the Festival of Friendship.) But since heading back to the Land of the Rising Sun, Jericho has once again released that creative mind on the business. And Jericho joining All Elite Wrestling has me stoked. And thus his presence, like Omega, is required on this list.

Number 3: AJ Styles

The Phenomenal One lives up to his moniker on a regular basis. And even when WWE has dropped the ball with Styles, he somehow manages to find a way to bring it still. And because this list is based on the man’s prime, AJ was otherworldly at his best. A theme of this list is guys who in their prime were the best thing in the wrestling business, and AJ Styles exemplifies that completely.

Number 4: The New Daniel Bryan

The “NEW” Daniel Bryan is one of my favorite wrestling characters of all time. And while Bryan Danielson was incredible in and of himself as a performer. This version of Daniel has me amazed every time he steps on screen. The “NEW” Daniel Bryan would despise every man in this match and wouldn’t hesitate to inflict a vial level of punishment to each one of them. And thus gains entry into my fantasy booked elimination chamber match.

Number 5: Ricochet

When you think about the Elimination Chamber, you think about potential high spots. And there is no one that can take it higher than the One and Only, Ricochet. Ricochet has captivated audiences all over the world and now in NXT. And even people that don’t usually watch NXT will take a look at Ricochet’s highlights online. So adding him to a dangerous match with some many highspot opportunities seems like a perfect fit. And it is a perfect combination.

Number 6: Pete Dunne

What Ricochet is too high flying in NXT at the moment, Pete Dunne is to overall brutality in NXT UK. Dunne has become the resident master of joint manipulation in WWE programming. Watching the way that Dunne will twist, turn, and hyperextend limbs, joints and anything else he can get a hold of makes you cringe just watching the tv. And like Ricochet with highspots, Dunne has so many opportunities to inflict pain with different areas and parts of the ominous steel structure. That Dunne would relish the chance to snap some fingers like he was Thanos himself.

Number 7: Kazuchika Okada

The Rainmaker, Kazuchika Okada is a brilliant worker and storyteller in the ring. The unbelievable wrestling storytelling ability of Okada is only currently matched by the likes of Omega and the “NEW” Daniel Bryan. And adding Okada into the Elimination Chamber would bring in another dimension to the overall product as a whole. If you are not sure of what Okada can do, go online and look for Okada versus Kenny Omega from Dominion last year and you will see precisely why Kazuchika needs to take part in this fantasy booked Chamber match.

Number 8: CM Punk

This entry may bother some, but again it is a personal choice list that comes included with preference and bias. And personally, I have always loved the work of CM Punk as a pro wrestler. So when I began thinking about this list, CM Punk’s name immediately came to mind. And when CM Punk was at the top of his game, he truly was “The Best in the World.”

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