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WWE: 3 Reasons to be Excited for Elimination Chamber

With the WWE Elimination Chamber less than a week away there are some reasons to look forward to the event. And while there have already been highs and lows so far on the road to Wrestlemania, the Elimination Chamber is almost always a highlight. So here are three reasons to be excited for the WWE Elimination Chamber

Daniel Bryan

So we begin with an obvious one. The WWE Championship will be defended inside the terrifying “steel” chamber structure. Locked inside will be the WWE Champion The “NEW” Daniel Bryan. This version of the Bryan character has been incredible since the heel turn on the Smackdown before Survivor Series. And since that turn nearly three months ago, Daniel Bryan may as well been called Midas, because everything he touches turns to gold. We have already detailed an “ode to the NEW Daniel Bryan on the site. (A Righteous Crusader.) So we won’t continue to heap praise on the hemp and natural oak wearing champion. But we will close out with this thought. Locked inside the chamber will be a man who must retain because the planet needs him too. And because we too need him to be champion as well.

Women’s Tag Team Championships

When the Women’s revolution began in WWE fans were hungry for Women’s wrestling in WWE to be given a genuine chance. And slowly the WWE has started listening to the WWE Universe. Slowly, WWE has begun to make changes to the presentation. And this Sunday at the Elimination Chamber we will have the honor and the privilege to witness the crowning of the first ever WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. Now I still believe that WWE will want to have a babyface team that the fans adore to walk away as the “First-Ever WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.” But the idea of having Sasha Banks and Bayley win the Tag Titles at Wrestlemania may give a more magnificent spectacle at the Show of Shows. Regardless of who wins this Sunday the WWE adding another championship to the Women’s Division is significant.

But merely adding the Tag Team Championships to the division will quickly fade into the lost abyss if not given proper storylines and builds. The creative decision makers in WWE must come up with meaningful stories and in-depth angles for the division. If not we will have a tag division resembling the makeshift atrocities we see in the Raw Tag Division. However, if given priority and a focused effort the Women’s Tag Team division can flourish like that of NXT or Smackdown Live. On both brands, we are given teams we care about seeing. We are given babyface teams we get behind and that we want to succeed. And we are faced with heel teams we want to see play for their despicable actions. Adding the Women’s Tag Team Championships is incredible. But having them be earned inside the Elimination Chamber is icing on the cake.

Ruby Riott

Somewhat piggybacking on the last point the WWE Women’s Division is the best division in WWE at the present moment. And with rumors of Ronda Rousey taking some time off after Wrestlemania, the WWE is capitalizing on another must-see matchup. Ruby Riott is one of the most underrated Superstars in the WWE locker room. We will be having our Elimination Chamber preview episode later this week on The Laracuente Ledger Podcast where I’ll get into more reasons why I love that Ruby Riott is in this match. But to keep it simple, Ruby Riott is someone that stands out amongst the sea in WWE.

Everyone in the wrestling business is looking to find that something special. Wrestlers are looking to find that “It Factor.” And Ruby has it and has it in spades. When you see Riott’s in-ring ability, you see someone that has a presence about them and knows their character quite well.  Ruby’s match against Ronda Rousey will go a long way to proving what I am stating and that Ruby Riott is going to be one of the best in WWE. And could arguably be the breakout performer of the year for 2019.

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