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WWE: The NEW Daniel Bryan, A Righteous Crusader

In the world of professional wrestling, there are so many performers that are attempting to get a “gimmick” over. But it has been stated that the best wrestlers take their own personality and just turn up the volume to find themselves as a performer. And it is with this mentality that the “NEW” Daniel Bryan has come on to be the best act going in pro wrestling today. There are three reas ons to look forward to the “NEW” Daniel Bryan character going forward.

Based in Truth

The “NEW” Daniel Bryan is a man who is looking to preserve the plant that we are all residents. And his mission statement is on that is about placing value on life. The life of the plants, the animals and the planet in general. What makes his character so vile among the WWE Universe is not about what Daniel is looking to protect. But the manner in which he is striking the heart of everyone who is listening to his rightous message.

Now let me be clear I am not a vegan. I only point that out to say that I am part of the problem that Daniel is speaking about. And his message hits home because we as a people don’t take care of the plot of land that we are suppose to have stewardship over. And Daniel does an incredible job of making us as fans feel terrible for failing the task. But as we are selfish creatures that want to feel liked overall, we have to project the anger we feel back on Daniel despite his righteous message.

Vegan Edge Society?

Since the Royal Rumble when Rowan was introduced as an “intellectual equal” to Daniel Bryan I have gotten the feeling that I was witnessing the rebirth of the Straight Edge Society. And while not exactly the same gimmick as when CM Punk presented SES he was a sudo-savior in a blasphames fashion to that of Jesus Christ. But this updated version of a societial problem can present a similar reaction. The addition of Rowan mirrors the addition of Luke Gallows. A man who’s eyes were opened to a rampid problem in society.

When Rowan walked down the aisle towards ringside at the Rumble it was a questionable move. But a move that made so much sense following a silent yet ominous presence on last week’s Smackdown Live. And when thinking back to the SES, Punk added Gallows and Sereena Deeb. Bryan has now added Rowan. And we could see Brie Bella return in the role that Deeb played as a loyal subject in the righteous fight.

Changing the Game

When Daniel Bryan began the “Yes Movement” way back during the build towards Wrestlemania 30 it was an unbelieveable run. But following his improbable return to the ring following a potential career ending set of injuries, the WWE completely botched his babyface return. And the only saving grace was to attempt a heel turn that could have been initally thought of as a bad move. And to be fair any other performer probably wouldn’t have been able to save a heel turn of this nature. (i.e. Dean Ambrose heel turn.)

Bryan, however, would capitalize on this turn because of being an outstanding pro wrestler. And it would be taping into an aspect of his real life to find the baseline in which to springboard into this version of himself. Recently, Bryan has changed the WWE championship. Because he was being hypocritical carrying around the old title belt made from “Daisy”. With the new “hemp and naturally fallen oak” that this championship title his made from is a perfect fit for the character. And from a storyline perspective, the change in the title adds such an upgraded level of significance. The “NEW” Daniel Bryan is changing the game through compelling storytelling and being one of the best workers in the business today.

Keep Your Eyes Open

In listening to the lads over at WhatCultureWrestling, a thought was postulated about the “NEW” Daniel Bryan. And because I had not noticed it until I heard it, I will add it to your conscience mind.

Take a moment to think about the time since Bryan has recaptured the WWE Championship. Think about how much more conscience you are of your wasteful and antagonistic approach to the earth and all living creatures. The “NEW” Daniel Bryan has burrowed himself in the subconscience of the entire WWE Universe. Bryan has added a level of realism and an inward sense of reflection to everything he is doing. This is why the “NEW” Daniel Bryan is a righteous crusader

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