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MLB: 3 Free Agent Sleeper Picks for Contenders

In this slow moving offseason there are many free agents still waiting to receive some sort of offer. In this article we will look at three free agents that could be sleeper pick to help a contender.

Jose Iglesias

When asked what it takes for a top contender to make it over the hump, the answer is actually quite simple. The answer is role players. And one of the most significant roles on a team looking to win it all is defense. Jose Iglesias is one of the most spectacular infield defenders currently playing this fantastic game of baseball. A team on the brink of the playoff picture could benefit from adding the defensive specialist. Iglesias is not going to hit like an All-Star, but his defense will more than makeup for his lack of offense. And when it comes to late in playoff games and your team is leading you want to have lockdown defenders in there and Jose Iglesias will give you precisely that.

Laracuente Ledger Landing Spot: Chicago Cubs

Gio Gonzalez

The fact the veteran lefty is still available is genuinely shocking to me. Gio Gonzalez has the ability to be more than an innings eater. For his career, Gio has an ERA of 3.69 and as the old adage go es “you can never have enough pitching.” For a contender having a veteran lefty with the ability to go out there every fifth day is a rare commodity in this game. So for a team in need of starting pitching Gio Gonzalez is an underrated option that should be given a long look.

Laracuente Ledger Landing Spot: Philadelphia Phillies

Nick Markakis

Nick Markakis has been a quietly good player for a very long time. Spending most of his career residing in obscurity with teams that weren’t receiving national praise, Markakis has had a stellar career. Over the last four season in Atlanta, Markakis has posted an OPS+ of 105. Markakis has proven to be a durable everyday player. Over the previous six seasons, Nick Markakis has played no less than 155 of 162 games. In an era when players spend so much time on the DL, Nick has bucked that trend. And even at 35 years old, Nick has shown no signs of slowing down.

Laracuente Ledger Landing Spot: Atlanta Braves

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